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September 20, 2015

Spiritualism (Death of the Natural Man)

Third Installment

by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

So it is with the ignorant about Jesus; they assume as a fact that you must believe that Jesus came from God. If you believe and acknowledge his cures, that will not do, but you must believe what you and no other person has any proof of and which rests only on what a certain number of persons say. So the controversy among the people was about something which never had anything to do with Jesus. This is the way with all persons who attached their senses to an opinion of some other person without proof. Jesus, like any other man, was in the hands of the people and they gave their opinions about the man so that the writings of the Old and New Testament contain opinions about the man Jesus and others. Man now takes the opinions as the words of Jesus, while Jesus had not the ideas which were attributed to him. As he had no one to speak for him, I will try to give his ideas as a man. Jesus always wanted to make a difference in regard to his opinions and what he knew as a science. To show how he separated himself as a man of opinions from the Scientific Man or Christ, it was necessary to show something as proof, and the sick was the problem to be solved. This separation was a mystery to the people and their superstition was called into action, and instead of listening to Jesus when he talked the Christ or Truth, they attributed his works to a power from God and all the cures were taken to prove that fact. If the people could believe that he came from God it was of no use to know how he cured, for if they knew this, it would destroy the belief that he came from God and so upset their religion. Therefore the leaders labored to prove to the people that Jesus had a mission from heaven to earth to save souls, and the cures were only to prove that he came from God. Now the believers are in the opinions of man and not in Christ, for Christ was Jesus’ science and this gives the lie to all the former. Jesus stood before the world as I do, with this exception; my own case will explain both. The two parties who sat in judgment on Jesus were divided on this point. One party thought he came from heaven; the other thought that the spirits of the dead talked through him, and they hoped to introduce dissension among the people, enough to put down the established religion. Jesus was in the hands of these bigots and could not explain what he intended to have the people believe. It is so with me. One class calls me a spiritualist but a hypocrite; another calls me evil or the devil. The third says I am an infidel or a disbeliever in Christ. A fourth, not the least, say I am a harmless humbug. The sick is the only class who know anything about what I teach. They say it is a science and can be learned. But as it is in the world of error and superstition and my judges belong to this class, I am accused, as I have stated, and of course my works are my proof.

Now as I have said, when men argue they think at least that there is some point to start from or they would not reason. As the standards of parties are established by error, it is almost impossible to introduce any new science unless it is explained on some of the theories of the natural man. Thus all phenomena are thrown into the hands of these blind guides who have pronounced judgment upon everything that has appeared. So whenever anyone shows a phenomenon, the priest and doctor catch the idea out of the mouth of the author and explain it on some theory known to the people. The theory of health is one that has come up many times and failed because of the blindness of the wise, so that it has now almost become a terror to the one who has boldness enough to stand up and face the blind leaders of the blind. You see that Jesus could not stand up against so powerful an enemy, for the instant he spoke, they would put a false construction on his every word. So they turned the word of God to no effect by their theories and traditions. Thus you see that with the people the wisdom of the science of life had no foundation but was like a house built upon the sand; when the wind of science blew upon it and the tide of public opinion came, it must fall and be destroyed. But unto this science men have raised altars with this inscription: “To the unknown God.” I will say to these guides, This science that you ignorantly worship, I will declare unto you. First of all, you know that mankind are in the dark so far as their life is concerned; that man is all his life subject to disease and death; also that it was foretold that Christ should come and lead man back to God. This same Christ that you crucify by your theories is the same that Jesus taught eighteen hundred years ago. It was taught by the prophets of old and has always been in the world but has never been applied to the curing of disease, although false Christs have arisen and deceived the people, and the true Christ has been crucified by the priest and doctor till this time.

I will now try to establish this science or rock and upon it I will build the Science of Life. My foundation is animal matter or life; this, set in action by wisdom, produces thought; thoughts, like grains of sand, are held together by their own sympathy or wisdom or attraction. Now man is composed of these particles of matter or thought combined and arranged by wisdom so as to make a form called man. As thought is always changing, so man is always throwing off particles or thoughts and receiving new ones. So man is a progressive idea yet he is the same man although he is changing all the time for better or worse. As his senses are in his wisdom and his wisdom is attached to his idea or body, his change of mind is under one of these two directions, either of this world of opinions or of God or Science, and his happiness or misery is the result of his wisdom. As the idea man has always been under the world’s wisdom, the scientific man has always been kept down, from the fact that no man has ever risen to that state where the scientific man could control the wisdom of the natural man. This has always kept man in a war with himself. These two powers make up man, and the science is to keep the natural man in subjection to the scientific man. In this warfare, if the natural man rules, disease and death is the fate of the scientific man; if the latter rules, life and happiness is the reward.

Now I stand on this rock fighting the errors of this world and establishing the Science of Life by my works. What is my mode of warfare? With the axe of truth I strike at the root of every tree or error and hew it down so that there shall not be one error in man showing itself in the form of disease. My wisdom is my knowledge and not matter or opinions. It decomposes the thought, changes the combination and produces an idea clear from the error that makes a person unhappy or diseased. You see I have something to reason about and this something is Eternal Life and this life is in the science. This was what Jesus tried to establish so that man could have a starting place, but the wisdom of this world tries to account for all phenomena on some principle founded on man’s opinion, letting the world grope in darkness.

[To be continued next week.]

Quotation by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Daily Quotation of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby for Sunday, September 20, 2015

If all wisdom, all truth and all knowledge could be embodied in a power of itself, that would act upon mankind, like Christianity or civilization, it is easy to see that its mission would be to destroy all wickedness, sin and error that affect the human race. If it was not understood it would be a miracle, but if it was introduced as an intelligence, it would become a science, and man would have his destiny in his own hands, and would recognize the source as the fountain of all wisdom.” ~Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Article: The Eternal Principles of Truth

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