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September 6, 2015

Spiritualism (Death of the Natural Man)

First Installment

by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

I am often asked where I differ from a spiritualist. In everything, but as this is an opinion to you, I will try to make it clear. The spiritualist believes in the dead rising and they sometimes say there is no such thing as death. Now let us see what their works show. What is life? All will say it is what a man knows. So his senses are attached to his wisdom, his wisdom is made of opinions and his senses are attached to his opinions. His opinions embrace all beliefs. So to destroy his belief, you destroy his senses, for they are in his belief and a part of it.

Let us see what his belief embraces. In the first place, he believes in matter, called living matter, that has life, for he says that life or matter must die or perish. Now here is the contradiction in the spiritualists’ belief. They deny that the dead rise but if the dead do not rise, what are the dead? You are pointed to a man lying motionless and to all appearances, even according to a spiritualist, dead. Now is he dead or is he not dead? The spiritualist may answer, The body is dead. Was it ever alive? You must say, Yes, for I point to a man moving around and ask you if that man is dead and your answer is, No. Then he must be a living man and according to your belief we have a living man and a dead one. Now where do they differ? Here is the mystery. Their belief, like all others, flies right back to the old superstition which they all believed, that the dead rise and in this fog they get lost like all others. Now let me help you out of your belief. You are a man of opinions and your senses are attached to your opinions and your belief makes no separation between your wisdom and your belief. Your belief is matter so that when the matter ceases to act, the senses also cease, for you have no wisdom above the opinions of man.

I will show where I differ from spiritualists and in fact all other sects. My theory is founded on the fact that mind is matter, and if you will admit this for the sake of listening to my ideas, I will give you my theory. I assert that according to man's belief there are certain facts admitted and established beyond a doubt, and as my wisdom is not of this world or belief, only in part, what I know I have no opinion about. All knowledge that is of man is based on opinions. This I call this world of matter; it embraces all that comes within the so-called senses. Man's happiness and misery are in his belief; all the wisdom of science is of God and is not of man.

To separate these two kingdoms is what I'm trying to do, and if I can succeed in this, I have accomplished what never has been done but what has been the aim of all the learned philosophers ever since the world began. The secret of life and happiness is the aim of all mankind and how to get at it is the mystery that has baffled the wisdom of the world. Now I should never undertake the task of explaining what all the wise men have failed to do but for the want of some better proof to explain certain phenomena that come under my own observation which have never been explained, from the fact that the error exists now as much as ever. The remedies have never destroyed the cause nor can the cause be destroyed by man's reason, for science cannot admit what cannot be proved. Until some better proof of what we see and hear and feel can be produced, the world must grope in darkness and skepticism. My object is not to strike at any science that is established. I admit such for fear I may be misunderstood.

[To be continued next week.]

Quotation by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Daily Quotation of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby for Sunday, September 6, 2015

Feeling it a duty I owe myself and others to define my position as a man and a doctor so that I may not be misrepresented, I take this method to lay before the public my ideas so that they, being my judges, can decide the merits of my claim. For three years, I have been in this city attending to the duties of my practice without interfering in any way with the world outside of my business. I have given my whole attention to the sick, believing that my method of healing is entirely new and unknown to the world, and my object is to reduce it to a science so that it can be practiced by everyone for his own good. This is the sole reason why I remain here. I seek no favors of any one. I do not write this to get patients, for I have as many as I can attend to, but to separate myself from all others who see fit to assign me a place among the humbugs of the day.” ~Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Article: The Separation of Myself from All Others Who Treat Disease

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Editor’s Corner

We are continuing our exploration of Phineas Quimby’s Christology. What was his interpretation of the work and person of Jesus Christ in his own words?

Today’s featured article Spiritualism (Death of the Natural Man), begins on page 541 of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond. This composition is rather lengthy, so I have broken it into six installments. The second part will appear in next week’s newsletter, and I invite you to follow along with us!

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