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October 22, 2017

Spiritual Interpretation

[First Installment]

by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

What is the element that receives all sensation? Love for ourselves. This is the ground mark or foundation of all our acts, to gratify its own element. It is the mortar or dough in which all sensation is made. Of itself it contains no knowledge. It is perfect harmony. Its element or language is its perfection. It embraces all the senses but not wisdom. It is the power that wisdom uses to bring all things into harmony with itself. This to this world of error is not known but admitted; the matter or ideas of this world is put into this element. So it is like the ocean. It can hold all sorts of ideas and, like the ocean, disturb error to its lowest depths and then calm by wisdom, so that not a ripple on the surface can be seen. But in the depths of this ocean of love lie all kinds of evil spirits that are gnawing the life of the soul, that are identified with it. This is the disease in the mind.

When the storm of ignorance and superstition was raging and all the ships or minds were tossing to and fro, and even Jesus’ disciples were in danger of being swamped by the errors of the age, when their barque or belief was just sinking into heathen idolatry, and when their enemies disturbed the walls or belief, then in the darkness of the night or error, when there was no eye to see or heart to feel, no arm to reach out or voice to be heard, Jesus was seen walking upon the water of their belief saying to the waves, Be still, and the winds and waves obeyed him and there was a great calm. This was the state of the minds in the days of Jesus. The people’s belief was their disease and to embrace their errors was to take their disease. Then misery was what followed their belief and their happiness was the unlearning of their errors. Their ships were their theories and the water was their mind and their ideas, their danger. Their wisdom was of this world of matter, while the wisdom of God could say to their wisdom, Be still, and their ideas of wind and mind or matter would obey. Now the introduction of Jesus’ ideas was a new heaven or wisdom and a new earth or belief. The new heaven, under the direction of the wisdom of God or science, could create a new belief wherein could be peace and happiness that the old heaven or wisdom knew nothing of, where there should be peace and power in the Holy Ghost or explanation of this new world, where no errors nor selfishness nor strife could dwell, so that all ignorance and superstition should be cast out into outer darkness, never to return.

Now, as Jesus was walking by the seaside of the belief of the leaders’ ideas, he saw two men, Peter and Andrew, spouting or fishing in the old Mosaic laws or sea and said to them, Follow me and I will make you teachers of this truth to man and not slaves to the priest. So they abandoned their nets or old belief and followed him. They went on and saw others in their ships or beliefs, mending their nets or creeds, for their nets, like the priesthood, had weak places and were like a garment ready to drop to pieces. They also left their father or old belief in their ships of error and followed Jesus. So he traveled all through the land preaching the kingdom of heaven and curing all kinds of diseases, and his fame went through all the land and great multitudes followed him. And he went up into the higher state, into the science, and opened his mouth to them in truth or parables.

Now the laws of Moses had a tax on the people to pay the priest for forgiving their sins and the doctors had a fee for curing the sins that affected the body. So all persons who were not of their belief were strangers and needed teaching, or needed to have their eyes opened to the truth of their belief and their ideas or opinions were like fish in the great sea and they asked tribute money or an answer to all of their questions to pay for teaching strangers. When Jesus came into Capernaum, they that received the tribute money, or gave information in regard to the truth, asked Peter if his master paid tribute money or wanted any information in regard to their religion and Peter said, Yes. So as he came into the house or belief, Jesus asked of Peter, Who paid tribute money, the children or the believers, or the skeptic or the strangers? He answered, Strangers. So Jesus said, Lest they be offended, let us ask a question for them to answer. Go to the priest or sea and cast in a hook and put a question and catch an idea or fish and open it and you will find a piece of money. Go and give it for you and for me. Now the sea or belief was the ocean in which was all the wisdom of the world, so the preachers or spouters fished in it, and the ships were the little society or church where the people congregated to catch some spiritual food or fish. When Peter and Andrew left their father or belief and their nets and society or ship and followed him, then they left all for his sake. When the young man came to Jesus and asked him what he should do to inherit eternal life or wisdom, he said, Keep the commandments. The young man replied, This have I done from my youth upwards. What lack I more? If you would be perfect, go give all your old religious ideas away and follow the Science or Me. So as he could not understand, he went away sorrowful for he had much wisdom of this world. When the disciples heard this, they thought it a hard saying, so they said to him, We have left our old ships and nets and even father and all for your science and what shall we have? Jesus answered, If they could understand all his truth so that they could teach the people, then they should sit on twelve thrones, judging or teaching the twelve tribes of Israel. But this they could not understand; so when they were called upon to stand up and defend the science, they all forsook him and there never has been a person since Jesus who could throw one particle of light on Jesus’ science. As soon as Jesus was crucified, the disciples were driven away or killed; so all of the teachings of Jesus fell into the hands of men who knew nothing of Jesus’ science, and they took the record and put just such a construction as they pleased. So you see that all we have is the opinions of men who lived hundreds of years after the crucifixion of Jesus.

Now as they could not cure any person, the teachings of Jesus must be explained in some way that did not require proof; so right in the face of Jesus’ teachings, where he gave his disciples power or wisdom to teach and told what would follow, that they should cure all diseases as he did and greater cures should they perform, the priest had to get over this by saying the days of miracles are past. The people believed these blind guides so they have crucified Christ in every way that error could invent. Now Jesus stood alone in the world with no living man of flesh and blood, feeling the sorrows of this world of flesh and blood, weeping over their sins or errors that bound them down and well might he say as he did, Oh! Jerusalem, thou that stoneth the wisdom of God and hated those that teach it to you, how often would I have gathered you together in love for each other, as a hen gathers her chickens under her wings of sympathy, and runs the risk of her life for her young. This to them was all without meaning. They could not see any sympathy outside of dollars and cents nor feel another’s woes. So he said to them, Ye have eyes but cannot see and ears but cannot hear the voice or misery and no heart to feel another’s woes. Now they did not want to understand, for it would make them break off from their sins and turn to the truth and become honest and good. Jesus’ sea was love for the sake of the world’s happiness. This love he laid down for the sins or beliefs of man and received into the bosom of this love or sympathy, which was pure, not a selfish idea, independent of all, but a love for the sake of all.

[To be continued next week.]

Quotation by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Daily Quotation of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby for Sunday, October 22, 2017

I will try to illustrate it to you so you can apply your thoughts to your body so as to receive the reward of your labor. As I told you, every thought contains a substance either good or bad, and it comes in and makes up a part of your body or mind; and as the thoughts which are in your system are poisoned, and the poison has come from without, it is necessary to know how to keep them out of your system so as not to be injured by them. Now suppose you have around you a sort of heat like the light of a candle which embraces all your knowledge, and your body being the centre and you having the power to govern and control this heat, you then have a world of your own. Now in health this globe of which your body is the centre is perfect harmony. The heat of this globe is a protection to itself, like a walled city, to admit none but supposed friends. Now as every person has the same globe or heat, each person is a world or nation of itself. This is the state of a person in health.” ~Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

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Today’s featured article Spiritual Interpretation begins on page 526 of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond. This composition is rather lengthy, so I have broken it into two installments. The conclusion will appear in next week’s newsletter.

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