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October 11, 2015

Spiritualism (Death of the Natural Man)

Sixth and Final Installment

by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Everyone knows that there is a difference in clairvoyance. Subjects differ in the direction of their minds. I do not practice clairvoyance except with the sick and I will show others how to be clairvoyant like myself. I said that a clairvoyant does not remember what he says in his sleep. To put a person into a clairvoyant state is to change him from one state to another; so as he loses his natural senses, he embraces the other senses or clairvoyant state till he is completely lost to this world of matter. I will show how I first discovered this state. This state is progression, not imitation, but independent clairvoyance.

When I first began to mesmerize and as I became interested in the experiments, I found that the subject could see through matter. I could not help believing this and it showed me that matter could be seen through by a clairvoyant; so it became not an opinion but a truth to me. I also found that all that man's senses embraced could be seen and felt by a person whose bodily senses were dead, if we judged by the body. All this became a wisdom, not a belief, but a part of my identity. So what is a belief to the world concerning these things was to me a truth. My next aim was to become a clairvoyant myself, and as I became convinced that matter was only a medium for our wisdom to act through, I could see how it could be transformed and the senses or clairvoyant state be attached to any idea the natural man might think of. The two kinds of reasoning make up the natural man. Both modes of reasoning can be carried into the clairvoyant state for this does not embrace reason.

To make a good clairvoyant, one must, beginning on earth, rid himself of all beliefs in every theory of man; and as he sees the absurdity of his own opinions, he becomes lighted up in another atmosphere where he feels the discord of this world. He then becomes sensitive to the errors and opinions of man; they affect him and make him nervous. All his senses become entirely independent of his natural will or senses; then he is two persons. This is my state as far as regards the sick. When I sit by the sick and take them by the hand, I feel a sensation. This affects me, and the sensation is produced by something coming within my senses as a man of flesh and blood. This excites the spiritual or scientific man and the senses being freed from matter or opinion see the natural man or opinion that causes the trouble. As I retain two identities, I see the error and explain it to the natural senses. These are set at rest and harmony is restored. I cannot find language to explain this so that you will understand it. I will take the science of mechanics to illustrate these two principles. The word statics is used in calculating stationary powers as weighing on scales, hoisting from a vessel by a cable, dropping a dead weight, etc. All this combines action and reaction. They constitute and come under the head of statics. The natural man and even the brutes have a knowledge of this. The principle of dynamics is from a higher wisdom known only to statics as a mystery. Here is where the foundation of science commences. Dynamics, like clairvoyance, puts man in possession of a higher wisdom, so that a man understanding the science can see through the statics or natural man.

An experiment of this wisdom is seen in a person standing on board a vessel, hauling her up to a wharf with the line made fast on shore, while one standing on the wharf hauling in the vessel by a line made fast to the vessel acts upon statics. The difference is just one-half. The one on the vessel with half the power of the one on the wharf will be twice as long as the other, for he travels with the vessel. So it is with everything where the power moves with the weight or body to be moved. This is dynamics and it makes all the controversy in calculating powers that are in motion as steamboats, locomotives, etc. Man, being matter, is always in motion, for in this is his life. Like a steamboat, his time is calculated and the steam kept up by supplying food as the mind uses it up. His life depends upon two principles. The wisdom of the savage or natural man is all statics, or might is right. As he begins to progress, his life and happiness will be governed by a higher principle of wisdom. So as he loses in error, he must be supplied by wisdom or his force will destroy his body. For he is now a locomotive man instead of a sawmill. His machine is in motion and his sawmill calculation will not govern it. This holds good in every department of life. The dynamical calculation is based on progression. Statics or demagogism is different. Statics is darkness. Dynamics is light and the people are under one or the other of these two classes. All nations have shown that the principle of statics has governed, for as yet no nation has stood the test of time for all have broken to pieces when they have got up the steam. The regulator of dynamics has never been attached to the engine of wisdom, and until that is done, revolutions must take place. Then comes anarchy, confusion and tyranny, and the people have to yield to a superior power that keeps them in subjection till their fears are forgotten. Then they fire up again and blow to pieces. This principle holds good in nations as well as in individuals. Disease is the natural result of demagogism.

March 1861

Quotation by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Daily Quotation of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby for Sunday, October 11, 2015

Man's senses may be compared to a young virgin who has never been deceived by the errors of the world. Popular errors are like a young prince who stands ready to bestow his addresses upon all whom he can deceive. When he approaches the virgin, he appears like an angel of light and wisdom. By soft speech and imposing address, he wins the virgin mind to his belief. Having become entangled in his web or false doctrines, she is carried away from her home or state of innocence into the gulf of despair, there to live a miserable existence or become a slave to fashion. In this state, a false theory holds out to her all kinds of ideas and she becomes a slave to the world. Error favors the utmost freedom in thought and conduct and offers all the allurements of pleasure and enjoyment to the young. Each one is approached with some fascinating idea with which he is carried away and to which he becomes wedded.” ~Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Article: How the Senses Are Deceived

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Today’s featured article Spiritualism (Death of the Natural Man), begins on page 541 of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond. This composition is rather lengthy, so I have broken it into six installments. This is the sixth and final part. If you missed last week’s installment, you may read it here.

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