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November 30, 2014

True Love

[Originally untitled.]

by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

True love is pure above all earthly feelings. It would lead one to lay down one’s life for a friend and what more can one do? It is independent of all we see with the natural eyes. Its attraction is not of this world. That feeling is a part of us, then there is a part of us that exists independent of what we can see. That is the real man. He is eternal. He never can die. Forms may change. He is independent of forms. This is love—a spark from the great love that fills all space and is the beginning and end to all things—from whence all things rise in which we all live and move and have our being. It lights and warms, it comforts and consoles. It is tangible because we can feel it.

Then that which feels it is not the body because this love does not address itself to the body. This proves then that the sense of feeling is not in the body. So all our senses are independent of the body, but we locate them there.

Now this love is the Creator of all things. For his own pleasure he made the world. He created the matter and then put it into form. He gave to everything its own life. The mineral, the vegetable and the animal world all have their allotted spheres or action. They fulfill their destiny and then dust returns to dust and the spirit to God who gave it. But to man, God gave something higher. He breathed his own breath into man and he became a living soul. All other created things have their limit, a circle as it were in which they move and generation after generation they come around to the same spot they started from. But man improves. He investigates and understands science, which makes him a king, a God, so far as he understands it. Now man takes his place as a ruler—and here begins his trouble. He does not know nor acknowledge his higher nature. He reasons as the animal does if he reasons at all, that matter contains all intelligence, that life is in the plant and death the end of life—that all action, all heat and vitalities are generated in the material form. He does not know in the first place that he exists outside his body, that in a world which we cannot see with the natural eyes everything material takes its source and is a shadow of the hidden substance. He not only denies his own higher nature, he denies his God every day of his life as if a plant contains its own intelligence and knows how to take care of itself, what need has it of any other care? So with the body. It is just a machine it is true, but can a machine oil itself? Now the Lord has freed us so that the oil is supplied if we act in accordance with the true principle of life. What is the true principle of life? It is that from Him springs our life, not some other, that from Him we derive heat, action, sensation, intelligence, happiness—everything that we are capable of feeling. That is the real man. God is not ashamed to acknowledge us as a part of himself—why should we hesitate to accept the position? With this mode of reasoning we accept our bodies as a house given us to live in and the intelligence which keeps the house in order is no part of the house itself, but independent of it and which we must try and understand if we desire our own happiness.

Quotation by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

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