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November 15, 2015

Spiritualism [II]

Fifth Installment

by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

I shall give some examples of various kinds to show that the mind can produce almost any phenomena that can be imagined. I will here show how disease is created. Take for instance the heart disease. I take this because there are a great many who think that they are laboring under this disease and as I am a skeptic in regard to disease independent of the mind, I will show how this heat is used to bring about this disease.

Ignorance as well as truth has its identity and when an idea is admitted, whether true or false, it will have its effects upon mankind. Now the idea of disease, independent of the mind, is like the idea of hell believed by almost every person; therefore admit disease independent of the mind and you keep man in ignorance of himself, all his life subject to bondage. Now disease like evil spirits is admitted. Therefore the priests warn the people to have nothing to do with the devil and the doctors endeavor to keep the people clear of disease.

Christ denounced both as error and proved it by his works. He showed that evil spirits and disease were one and the same and that both existed in ourselves, for when he cast out devils, he cast out disease also and when he cast out disease, he cast out error.

It may be asked, “Where is disease?” In the mind. I will show how it is in the mind. I spoke of disease of the heart, that idea is admitted and all the symptoms accompanying it. The fluids of the body are excited, and the mind creates an identity corresponding to its feelings and differing from its healthy body. In this respect it sees itself, that is its spirit with its heart disease, just as it thinks it is. This to itself is as real as any idea can be; this keeps up a constant excitement till the natural body becomes changed, so as to be called disease. Now destroy the idea of disease independent of the mind and evil spirits also, and it will teach man to look within himself for the evil that troubles him instead of any other source. The ideas are both founded on error and cause nine-tenths of the misery of the human family. It is the stepping stone to insanity, for man deceives himself into a belief that evil spirits are around him, talking to him, spurring him on to commit some evil deed which he would not do if he properly understood where the author of these thoughts reside. I shall now give some illustrations to show how people deceive themselves.

I was called to see a lady who had become insane by this false idea of spirits of the dead. The lady had been with friends and as usual the subject of spiritualism came up and as there was a medium in the room, she was requested to try some experiments. After various experiments were tried, the spirits wrote that Mrs. C was a writing medium. It is a trick of the trade. It has this effect on the person whom the spirits select; it makes them nervous and brings their nervous system into a state to be affected by their own thought. This is the same in mesmerism. I always found that if my subject pretended that anyone could be mesmerized I could most always produce the sleep. It is a tendency to excite and as persons are more or less disturbed by their early impressions, they cannot help being affected. This was the case with the lady in question. She had lost her husband some twelve months before. This would naturally excite her and when she returned home, she thought she would try the experiment. Her father and mother were present. She sat down by the table and took her pen in hand and waited the movement of the spirits. In a short time the hand began to shake. This of course would excite her and she ventured to ask if there were any spirits present? Answer, “Yes.” She asked if it was various persons? Answer, “No.” At last she asked if it was her husband? Answer, “Yes.” Are you happy? “No!” By this time she became much excited, more questions were asked, but no answers were received but, “Yes” and “No.” At last she asked when will you be happy? When God takes you to heaven. “When will that be?” “Soon.”

[To be concluded next week.]

Quotation by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Daily Quotation of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby for Sunday, November 15, 2015

Owing to a press of business, I have not had time to answer your letter until now, but I often see you and talk to you about your health. I feel as though I had explained to the spiritual or scientific man the cause of your trouble which I may not have made plain in my letters to the natural man, but it may sometime come to your senses or you may see me. Then I can tell you what I cannot put on paper. As for the cause affecting you now, I feel as though I had removed the cause, and the effect will soon cease and you will be happy and enjoy good health. I wait to hear that my prophecies have been fulfilled, but I shall keep a look out for your health till I hear you say that you are well.” ~Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Article: Letter to Miss Brackett, Boston, Mass.

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