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November 4, 2012

On Wisdom

    by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Perfect wisdom embraces every idea in existence, and therefore every idea that comes to the light through the senses existed before to wisdom. Every person who was or ever will be existed as much before he ever came to our senses as afterwards, the same as any mathematical problem or truth. Man's intelligence is a truth that existed before he took form or was seen by the natural eye. Man's body is only a machine and its senses are its medium to wisdom, the same as science is the medium to wisdom. The real man is never seen by the natural senses, but the real man makes himself known through science to his natural senses, as a person who knows a fact can teach it to another. Wisdom or knowledge he teaches through science, and he uses his senses to explain this science, for his senses are all the medium the natural man knows.

The real man is God, or the First Cause. Every idea that man embraces comes through his natural senses, but this real man is not seen, but is truth or wisdom. The natural man may be compared to a checker board, and science and opinion the players. Public opinion or common sense stands looking on and represents spectators. The wisdom that is superior is that which sees and knows the principle of the game. Now opinion makes a move and the natural man or common sense says it cannot be bettered. But science sees the working of opinion, and makes him move in such a way as to compel his opponent to destroy himself, for he knows that opinion knows nothing as he should know it. Every move of opinion suggests his opponent's move. So if one knows his game and the other does not, the ignorant one is beaten every time. But if both are ignorant they think they play a very scientific game. Now there are certain games or arguments which men play called theories that have no foundation or basis, and there is no way to test them because one is not the least above his neighbor and neither can prove anything.


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    by Horatio W. Dresser

To many it seems strange indeed that the publication of the Quimby manuscripts has been so long delayed. As far back as 1882, Mr. Julius Dresser began to make it publicly known in Boston that the writings existed, and that when published they would disclose the real history of the discovery of spiritual healing. Naturally, there was a strong desire to have them published. In his pamphlet, "The True History of Mental Science," issued in 1887, Mr. Dresser expressed the opinion that "no such depth of understanding has yet seen the light in print as those manuscripts contain," that is, on the subject of spiritual healing. It was not Mr. Dresser's privilege at that time to publish more than one of the articles, and the best he could do was to give a good reason why Dr. Quimby had no opportunity to revise the writings before publication prior to his death.

"I think I see a wisdom in nearly everything," said Mr. Dresser. "If those writings had been published, as Dr. Quimby intended, or even at any time since, previous to now, they would have found a public unprepared for them. Therefore they are in the hands of a person whose sympathies are not stirred by a work in the truth, as some of ours are, to issue them before their time. But those manuscripts will be published at a future day."

We had a copy of the manuscripts in the household until 1893, when by arrangement with Mr. George Quimby, the owner, this copy was sent to Belfast to be kept with the other copies. The household copy was used in connection with instruction in classes, and from time to time portions of the articles were read in the classes on spiritual healing. But we were not permitted to give the writings further publicity. We frequently urged their owner to publish them, but Mr. Quimby did not believe the right time had come. When we compiled "The Philosophy of P. P. Quimby," in 1895, we were still unable to secure the right to print more than brief excerpts from two of the manuscript volumes, since Mr. Quimby did not wish any essay printed in full till all the chief writings should be published. Many efforts were made as the years passed to secure further privileges. Mr. Quimby was frequently besought by interested people, clergymen, writers, healers and editors, some of whom traveled to Belfast to argue the point. Mr. Quimby answered all letters courteously, sometimes giving his reasons at length, and explaining his father's ideas; but he stoutly refused to publish the writings.

Many rumors could have been denied had he relented. For example, it could have been conclusively shown that nothing whatever was settled by a suit in court in 1883 concerning these writings, for the simple reason that the owner declined to have them taken into court. Ever since that suit took place rumors have been persistently started to the effect that the writings were proved not to exist. Again, it would have been shown once for all in what respects Mrs. Eddy was indebted to Dr. Quimby for ideas and methods. Many misunderstandings have arisen because the writings were not published, and all these must now gradually be cleared away, as matters are put in their true light by the publication of the present volume.

[This is the first installment of a four part series originally written and published as Chapter II. HISTORY OF THE MANUSCRIPTS, of The Quimby Manuscripts by Horatio W. Dresser. THOMAS Y. CROWELL COMPANY, 1921.—editor.]

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