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March 8, 2015

Christ and Truth

by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Eighteen hundred years ago, while Jesus was disputing with the Pharisees upon the old scriptures, He asked the question, What do you think of Christ or this truth? Has it a father and if so, who is he? The answer, “David,” for this truth is David’s ideas or theory. Jesus said, “If David is the Father of this Christ or theory, or ideas, or truth, why did he call it Lord if it was his son?” Here they both admitted a truth independent of the natural man. The Pharisees believed it was the offspring of David, and therefore called it David’s son or theory. Jesus knew it was not of this world, but of God or truth and that it could be reduced to a science. This has been the rock upon which the people have split. This is the very thing to decide, whether there is a knowledge independent of man or whether it is the offspring of an organized being. Jesus called this truth the Son of God or Elias. Peter called it Christ. The people’s ignorance confounded the two together and called it Jesus Christ. This last construction has given rise to all the religious wars and bloodshed since the Christian era. Decide this question and you shut the mouths of all the lions of the world.

Now let us look at the controversy of the two parties. This makes the two worlds—ignorance the one, and science the other. These two powers act upon every man. One is identified with the body and a part of it. Jesus gave some of the traits of that power when He said that it is of the earthly man and when He said, “Out of the heart proceedeth all kinds of evil thoughts.” These thoughts are matter and are the result of error, superstition and ignorance, without any knowledge of God or Science. Science is the opponent of the above and as it accounts for all the phenomena, ignorance is destroyed. All science has had to fight this battle with the world of error and ignorance before it could establish its stand and take its position above the natural man. Then it is acknowledged and worshiped in spirit and in truth. Before it becomes a science it is under the laws of ignorance and superstition, directed by blind guides leading the blind by the knowledge of this world, and this Jesus called foolishness with God or Science. Now to separate these two, so that the wisdom of this world shall become subject to the knowledge of God or Science, is not an easy task. Almost all who have ever tried to do so have lost their lives.

I will not go back further than John the Baptist. He is the only one that Jesus seemed to put much stress upon. John saw that the time was very near when his truth or Christ would become a science. Therefore, he says, As the truth is laid at the root or foundation of their theories, every tree or supposed science that cannot stand the test of true science must be hewn down. Therefore he spoke of a science that he could not prove, but knew that it would soon be explained and become a science. Therefore his belief was like water that could wash away some of the errors, but when the Truth or Holy Ghost should come, then it would be reduced to a science. At this time Jesus had not received the Holy Ghost or knowledge, so as to explain it. Therefore He went with others to John to be baptized or hear John’s ideas for truth. So when Jesus asked John to explain to Him, John modestly replied, “I have need to be baptized or taught by you.” Jesus declined explaining, so John then went on to tell his ideas or belief. Jesus entered into the water or belief, and understood it, and when He came out of the water, the heavens were opened to Him and the Holy Ghost descended like a dove and lit upon Jesus and a voice said to Him and Him alone, This is my beloved Son or Science in whom I am well pleased. At this time, this science had no name till Peter gave it the name of Christ as an answer to a question put to him by Jesus. “Whom do the people say that I, this power, am?” Peter answered, “Some say Moses,” etc. Jesus then said, “Whom do you say that I am?”, not Jesus as is supposed, but this power; for all the persons that Peter had named were dead, so of course Jesus did not include Himself, but His theory. Peter answered Him, “Jesus, the Christ, the living God or Science.” This science he called Christ. Then Jesus said, “Flesh and blood hath not revealed this to you.” It must have come from the same power that Jesus had. Therefore He said, “Upon this rock or truth I will build my church or theory and the gates of error and superstition shall not prevail against it.” This Truth or Christ is what Jesus taught. This broke the locks and bars, opened the prison doors and let the captive free from the old superstition and ignorance. By this power He healed all manner of diseases, cast out devils, established health and happiness, brought peace and good will to man.

This theory came in contact with all other theories, for there were false ones, and Christ warned the people against them. He said there were false Christs and told them how to distinguish between the false and the true. Now as Jesus became popular with the people, the chief priests and the doctors or scribes sought how to put Him down, and they tried in every way to catch Him. At one time while in the temple, the chief priests and elders of the people came to ask by what authority He did these things. Jesus answered them by asking them a question which, if they answered, would tell them how He performed His cures. The baptism of John or his theory, was it from heaven or of man? And they reasoned among themselves, saying, If we say, from heaven, He will say, Why then did ye not believe it? for they had killed John as a prophet. And so they answered, “We cannot tell.” “Neither will I tell you how I do these things.”

As it never has been explained how Jesus did these things, the people have looked upon them as miracles. But to suppose Jesus performed a miracle is to suppose Him ignorant of the power He exercised, and if so, He was just as much a quack as those He condemned; for He said, when accused of curing through ignorance or Beelzebub, If I cast out devils through Beelzebub, my theory or kingdom cannot stand, but if I do it by a science, it is not of this world but of God or Science, and it will stand. Here He makes a difference between ignorance and knowledge. Again, if Jesus was ignorant of His power and did not know how to explain it to others, why did He tell His disciples to go out into all the world and heal all manner of disease? If ignorant of what He said and gave no explanation of His manner of curing, He was as ignorant as they. But I am certain that He knew more than His disciples could understand, and after Jesus was crucified, the cures ceased to be done by a science but went back into the hands of priests and magicians and have been a miracle ever since, and the Christ that prompted Jesus’ acts is not known at all. That Christ never taught doctrines nor creeds, nor offered up prayers. It did not belong to this world and it did not talk about any kind of religion. It talked itself. Itself was its life, and its life was the healing of the sick and distressed. It takes the feelings of the sick and knows their wants, and restores to them what this world has robbed them of. This is the Christ that was crucified eighteen hundred years ago. Now the only thing we hear is what was said about Him. Yet He is in the world but has no identity as a science.

January 1860

Quotation by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Daily Quotation of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby for Sunday, March 8, 2015

“Man is made up of these two characters: might and science, so that all laws to the natural man are arbitrary and overbearing, but as might or law is right man must submit. Although he may see the error, he cannot correct the evil. Now what is right and wrong and how came such a standard in the world and is it needed for the happiness of man? This was the question in the days of Jesus. He called these two powers the law and the gospel. The law was might and the gospel was Christ or Science, so that what the law failed to do was left for science to accomplish. Science or Christ in Jesus entered into the world of might and introduced a higher law that put an end to the law of might.” ~Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Article: Right and Wrong [II]

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