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June 26, 2016

The Eternal Principles of Truth*

by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

What evidence is there in popular belief by which Dr. Quimby can establish a science of curing disease without medicine? What is there in his belief that is common in the world, and what fact in man’s life does he find to substantiate his belief?

Dr. Quimby’s theory is the result of researches into the causes and mystery of disease, carried out in his mode of cure. This is merely the knowledge of the patient’s trouble and the knowledge of what works through him to cure that trouble, therefore his cures are not the effect of accident nor a stroke in the dark, but they are the works of a system of belief, based upon eternal principles of truth.

These principles are what underlie and all improvement and progress, but they never have been embodied in language of their own, so they have been made use of by minds who want to lead public opinion, and interweave these principles of honor and goodness into their own selfish inventions, in order to carry the intelligent and enlightened classes. Therefore to say that knowledge and good will to man, are at the bottom of Dr. Quimby’s theory, is merely saying what can be claimed by any theory invented by man for a selfish purpose. When a science is discovered, the motive of the discoverer must of course be disinterested in his desire to make it known to the people and whether successful or not in his object undertaking of making it known he stands towards the world beyond the imputation of vanity or selfishness. Dr. Quimby claims that his mode of curing disease is strictly applying the principles of charity and sympathy to the sick in their desire to get well, and that this leads him in the path where he sees the patient separated from the sickness, and the error by which they are bound in disease. The same light which enables him to see the suffering as an error enables him also to correct that error and leave the patient free. So it may be said that his theory is carrying out the principles of goodness, love and etc. which all mankind believe in, towards destroying the things that make men wretched and sick. He meets men on a common and a high ground of belief and differs from them in the fact that he carries into practice the principles which he professes, while the rest of mankind adjust them in the form of a belief and carry into daily practice motives and principles which are quite the reverse of what they say they believe. So when he comes to the sick, he is an incomprehensible enigma and breaks up every idea of justice and goodness which they have in their daily intercourse with the world, and declares that they are false and ought to be destroyed. For instance, take a person who has been sick a long time and who has no immediate prospect of recovery. One of the features of her sickness must be produced by what has often been told her, that she must trust in Providence and be resigned to her suffering and that she will undoubtedly recover if such be the Lord’s will. So the poor girl lives on such food, and is doctored accordingly. Now such a belief to Dr. Quimby is not merely nonsense, it is a wicked perversion of faith, and keeps a person sick and while the friends stand back waiting for the coming of the Lord. All the world do this more or less and he has to contend with this error in his practice. He does not believe in a God that orders such service and foolish actions and he never leaves for Providence to do what man can be instrumental in accomplishing.

If all wisdom, all truth and all knowledge could be embodied in a power of itself, that would act upon mankind, like Christianity or civilization, it is easy to see that its mission would be to destroy all wickedness, sin and error that affect the human race. If it was not understood it would be a miracle, but if it was introduced as an intelligence, it would become a science, and man would have his destiny in his own hands, and would recognize the source as the fountain of all wisdom. Deep in every thinking mind there lies buried, under all the rubbish of opinions which education has piled up in stores of learning, the belief of a something which will wash away all sin and purify the heart of man. This acts upon all men and makes the sick keep constantly seeking for help and when they know as it were, that they are beyond all human aid, often they cling to a hope, with an insane tenacity to their friends that something will restore their health. This is a well known fact and common in all cases of sickness, and this is the evidence that mankind admit, if they do not believe in a living truth which can heal diseases. Here is where Dr. Quimby meets the world carrying into practice towards the sick the wisdom that heals all who ask, and is scientific and disinterested in revealing this truth which destroys error.

It may be asked, why is not Dr. Quimby received with this new light and why does he not cure all who come. Precisely because his process is a science and cannot flatter or seek favor from the world, and because mankind are taught to sit still and do nothing and wait for the coming of the truth, so they are often more attached to their opinions than they are desirous to get well in their reason, and when such is the case he cannot labor to any effect.

[* Published for the first time in Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond.]

Quotation by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Daily Quotation of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby for Sunday, June 26, 2016

Now what is the difference between Christ's belief and the world's belief? Christ had no belief. His kingdom was an everlasting kingdom, without beginning or end. It is a science based on an eternal truth. It does not contain an opinion or belief. It is all knowledge and power and will reign till all beliefs and error shall be destroyed. The last error or belief is death or ignorance, and truth or science will reign till ignorance is destroyed. Then the son or law shall be subject to God.” ~Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Article: All Men Have Gone Out of The Way—None Doeth Good

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