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June 19, 2016

Life and Death—Two Beliefs*

by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Life and death are two beliefs, but one brings health, knowledge and happiness, and the other disease, error and misery. Each state is called our knowledge. To believe in one is to exist in it, for our life is in our belief. A belief in one is (of course) a disbelief in the other for it is impossible to entertain two contrary beliefs at the same time. Death therefore is the destruction of the one (for the time in which this belief prevails) and the life of the other.

Christ came to destroy both beliefs and to bring to light immortality. “He that loseth his life for my sake” he said, “shall find it.” It was not meant by this that one should find the same life which is ignorance but a higher life which is science. And upon this rock or science they build their faith and the gates of death shall not prevail against it.

Now your life is in your belief and you are known by its fruits. My life is also in my belief and by its fruits I am known. But your belief is based in ignorance, mine on wisdom. Now as I impart my belief to you it becomes your life. It gradually grows in you to a belief and this is your health and happiness.


There are three states in which a person may exist; ignorance, error and wisdom. Life is ignorance; death is error while wisdom is a knowledge of them both. It is evident that in this piece the word life is used in two different senses. Life implies death and strictly speaking cannot be applied to what is eternal.

Health, knowledge and happiness means here mere ignorance; those with life. Christ (the truth) must destroy and bring in their place wisdom. The word knowledge applied to both states (life and death) means simply the knowledge of this world, opinions, etc. It is simply ignorance, but as it is used here it is an ignorance that accompanies the happiness of which he speaks.

This piece refers only to those who are saved not from sins, but in them; to those ignorantly well—not intelligently so. He does not in this cure the sick and impart the science, but leaves them like children.

Jan. 1st 1864

Life and Death are Opposite States of Existence*

by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Life is wisdom; death is belief. To be in wisdom is to be in health, happiness and eternal life; to be in belief, is to be in error, disease, and death. It was belief that Jesus sought to destroy by bringing life and immortality to light in the Gospel; and that life was Christ.

Therefore they that love their life (or belief) for Christ’s sake, shall find it; for they shall find they have life and upon this rock they shall build their faith and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Now your life is in your belief and you are known by the fruits of your belief. My life is my wisdom, and as I impart my life to you, you die to your own life and accept mine, which is health and happiness and life everlasting.

Jan. 1st 1864

[* Published for the first time in Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond.]

Quotation by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Daily Quotation of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby for Sunday, June 19, 2016

So if I stand at your door and knock, and you know my voice or influence and receive me, you may be benefited. If you do receive my benefit, give it to the Principle, not to me as a man but to that Wisdom which is able to break the bonds of the prisoner, set him free from the errors of the doctors, and restore him to health. This I will try to do with pleasure.” ~Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Article: Letter to a Patient

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