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July 26, 2015

Religion and Science

Third Installment

by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Judas had an idea of what he taught but it did not penetrate to the destruction of his old belief. His senses were in the two beliefs and when Christ or Jesus’ belief was in him, his old belief of dollars and cents was present, prompting him to make a little money. So he betrayed Jesus into the hands of his enemies. Jesus saw and knew this at the time he was talking over his belief in the form of a supper. He saw that Judas was honest but ignorant of Christ when he said, He that dippeth his finger in the cup shall betray me. Judas tried to understand more than all the rest and thought he did. Jesus knew that he did not understand and knew that when the time came for him to stand up and defend the truth he would shrink. This was to him perfectly plain and so it was in regard to them all. The fact was that Jesus taught a new doctrine so hard to understand that it was impossible to teach it to the people. The disciples thought they understood it, but when asked to prove it they were unable to explain, and so denied him. But the females who always have more sagacity than the men, though of more delicate physical structure and of silent influence, understood him. They were the ark wherein were deposited the tablets of stone or Moses’ laws and all of the rules of the world in regard to spiritual knowledge that the wisdom of men do not contain. So they had more to do with the crucifixion of Jesus. Then women bore the ark in Moses’ day. They have always been a sort of reservoir to hold the new ideas that the world has brought forth in their ignorance. They are the first to catch any new ideas and the last to let them go till every particle of truth is drawn out, as the humming bee finds honey in the flower where the wasp sees none. Now at the time when Jesus was put to death, he had been teaching this truth, that the senses of men were not confined to this body, but could act apart from it, and what a person believed, he, that is the power that governs the senses, could put his senses into and then the senses would be affected just according to his belief. So that our happiness or misery is in our belief. This is what he tried to prove and did, but the disciples did not understand it till he put this part of it into practice. Then their minds were changed. They saw him dead; to them this was all there was, the end of all men, as they were taught. Now to see him rise again was the introduction of the new heaven or belief. This was a very exciting thing. If he did not rise, then their talk was all in vain and all Jesus said went for nothing. The people could eat and drink as they had done and there was no proof that the senses were not really confined to flesh and blood.

This of course excited mankind and this was the great problem to be solved, but how it was to take place was a mystery. So various opinions came up as to how the dead should rise. Now in all this excitement there were some enthusiastic persons, who never get anything right except what they cannot help. These often try to help a matter on, as the Spiritualists help on the communications from the dead when they are produced with difficulty. It was so with this problem. There were those who did not understand that Jesus never alluded to his flesh and blood but to his senses (which was all that ever had any life), that they should take form and be seen by his disciples to prove that all men had the same senses as Jesus had. This they could not understand, so they did what all crazy–headed enthusiasts would have done. They stole the body of Jesus away, for fear that the body of Jesus should not rise and then all this new theory would be exploded. So when the Christ or Science took form and showed itself to the people they were afraid and trembled. This was natural, but when assured it was the Christ taking the form of the man Jesus, they believed. This would lead some to suppose that the crucifixion was all a humbug and that Jesus was not dead. So they went to the sepulchre to see if the body was there. Now if Jesus’ body had been there, as it ought to have been, then the problem would have been solved, but lo! and behold! the body was gone! This left the people in the dark and gave them a chance to call up doubts whether he was really dead or not and these doubts which exist to this day commenced the controversy on that subject.

Paul speaks of it and it has never been explained if these enthusiasts had left the body of Jesus in the tomb, there was proof enough, to establish the truth of Jesus’ doctrine: that the senses could exist independent of this idea or body. Now if the senses exist independent of the body, then the body is nothing but an idea that the senses are attached to. So when the senses are attached to anything, they are a part of the same. When we attach the senses to anything that has life, its life or identity has around it an odor or heat that is the prison that the senses are confined in. And to liberate the senses is to destroy the prison or atmosphere, that they may act freely. As all our unhappiness arises from our belief, it is necessary that we should understand what influence is controlling us. We are told that God brought to man all living creatures to see what Adam would call them and he gave names to all of them so that to every sensation made on the mind, the senses had to give a right explanation in order that man should not be led away by false explanations. The science is to separate the error from the truth or the law from the gospel.

The laws of Moses have passed through many modifications and some have been repealed, others modified and amended to suit society, up to this day. The laws of Jesus are the same today as they were when they fell from his lips and in all his teaching no word ever escaped him that put any restrictions on man. If Jesus ever gave an opinion, he gave it as such not as a truth but as an opinion of the man Jesus, but when he spoke of Christ, he spoke no restrictions or commands. I will give a few of the teachings of Christ, showing the difference between his opinions of mankind and the religious opinions of the world. These last never imposed any moral restraint: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Self was the ruling passion and all laws were made with the idea of restraining the people to keep them under so that the rich could ride over the poor. This made them jealous and crafty. The priests never instructed the people in the idea of taking care of themselves, but bound burdens on them in the form of beliefs. These beliefs embraced all kinds of evil spirits. This made them nervous and according to my belief would make them create in their minds all kinds of evil spirits, thus making them more nervous. This was worse than the old Mosaic law, for that put the misery in the penalty and their penalties only made the misery.

The priests found that their laws were not sufficient to lead the people, so they invented evil spirits or ghosts to frighten them so that they could control them. I will show you how to form an evil spirit and how it will get hold of you. Take a child whose mind is all right.

You have something that the child wants and the law says if I take it I must pay four times its value. Now the child wants it and contrives every way to get it. This makes it nervous and it grows more and more nervous to have its desire gratified. It knows no principle of right or wrong and thinks it has a right to whatever it sees. It is under no restriction except the law and this law is of no force to the child. So some evil or ghost is invented to frighten the child into submission. Now the introduction of this last evil has given rise to more evils than all the laws of Moses, for then if a person wanted to steal anything, the punishment was in the detection or fine. If the child stole a thing of no value the law could not take cognizance of that, so they were obliged to get up some other humbug to keep the young in subjection. This brought out all the talent of the wise who invented all kinds of evil spirits or introduced the old Egyptian errors into the world again and now you will see relics of Egyptian superstition.

Moses tried to free his people from it, but as his laws never reasoned at all, the people obeyed them through fear. So the world has been humbugged even to this day by blind guides leading the blind. Ignorance and superstition have invented all sorts of beliefs and as the senses are something independent of our belief we put them into our belief and all the misery that we suffer is the heat or odor that arises from our belief. This heat or odor is matter and our senses are in it like a person in prison. And when I come into this prison or atmosphere it affects me just as it does the person who is in it. This atmosphere is the prison or place of torment and this is heated up by their belief. So when I change their belief the fire of ignorance or the heat subsides and their senses are relieved from a burden that binds them down.

[To be continued next week.]

Quotation by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Daily Quotation of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby for Sunday, July 26, 2015

It is an undisputed fact which philosophy has never explained that persons affect each other when neither is conscious of it. According to the principle by which I cure the sick, such incidents can be accounted for, and it can be proved beyond a doubt that man is perfectly ignorant of the influences that act upon him and, being ignorant of the cause, is constantly liable to the effect.” ~Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Article: The Effect of Mind upon Mind

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