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December 13, 2015

A Defense Against an Accusation of Putting Down Religion

by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Second and Final Installment

Now here is my religion. Mine, as that of Jesus, is in my acts, not in my belief. The sick are in their belief and not in their acts, for if it were in their acts, they would be better; for to be wise is to be good and to be good is to show your goodness in your acts. So if a man is sick he is not good, and if he is not good he is not happy, and if he is not good, that which is bad must be something else than good. His goodness is science or Christ. His badness must be an opinion or religion. Now to be born again is to separate the true religion from the dross and I know of no better rule than Jesus laid down. He said, By their fruits ye shall know them, whether they be of man or of God or science. Now I am willing to be judged by my works, and if they bear me out, then I do not know as the wisdom of this world of opinions has any right to pass judgment on me.

I will now show what Jesus’ religion was. We are often told of the religion of Christ, but when we ask what it is, it cannot be separated from infidelity or this world; so I will try to define His religion. You remember I said that a belief was one thing and the thing believed was another. Now Jesus’ religion was the Christ or the substance and the disciples and the multitude were the believers of the substance, not seen, but in the heavens. So Christ is the substance or science or the religion of Jesus. The Christian religion is in a belief of that substance called Christ, Wisdom or God and my religion is my wisdom and not my belief and when I come to the sick, I put my religion in practice and not my opinion. When I talk to the well I talk about it, for those that are well need no physician. My opinion is worth just as much as anyone’s. I look upon all opinions as man’s wisdom; they are worth what they will bring. They may be right, but they are often wrong.

When I sit by a person, if I find no opinion, I find no disease. But if I find a disease, I find an opinion. So that the misery that is in the opinion or belief is the disease. I have to make war with the disease or opinion, and as there are a great many that make their disease out of the world’s opinions of religion, it is my duty to change their belief in order to make the cure. It is astonishing to see persons cling to their opinions just as though they contain the substance, when if they knew the substance of their belief, they would laugh at their folly. Now to me it is as plain as twice two makes four.

I can sum up the religion of this world and the religion of Jesus in one simple parable. That is the parable of the child when the people were disputing about the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus took up a little child from their midst and said, Of such is the kingdom of heaven; except ye become as little children ye cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven. So the world, as a Christian world, has tried to imitate the child, and I cannot dispute that in most of their acts they have fallen short of the child; for he is ignorant of all their errors and as ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise or in error. Now this is the true meaning of the parable of the child. Science is not included in the Christian religion, neither wisdom of any kind. The religion was made up of all the superstitions of Egyptian darkness so that every man and woman was not in a fit state to become a disciple of Christ or science. So Jesus wanted to show the people by a parable what was wanted to get a person into the right state of mind to receive the kingdom of heaven or science. Everyone knows it is harder to unlearn an error than to learn a truth. So Jesus, knowing that a child was free from both, took him as a parable so that the Christian world must give away or get rid of all their errors and become as a little child to receive the Holy Ghost or Science. This was the new birth; therefore to enter into Science or the kingdom of heaven was not a very easy thing. So if anyone said he was born of God or Science let him show it, for many shall come saying, I am Christ and shall deceive many but by their fruits ye shall know them.

So you see that Jesus’ religion had nothing to do with the opinions of this world; his was of wisdom and wisdom is something that is solid. Error or opinions are about this solid, and opinion is the world’s religion, but Jesus’ religion was the substance and that was what the sick had been robbed of by the blind guides. All I do is to put in their possession what they have been unjustly robbed of.


Quotation by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Daily Quotation of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby for Sunday, December 13, 2015

This truth that I practice is as plain to me as mathematics, but the developing of that science depends upon the progression of all other improvements, for if the world was ignorant like the savages, that wisdom called mathematics would still exist but their darkness could not see it. So as the light of God or wisdom springs up, man learns the truth and applies it to the phenomena of his day so it can be understood. This we call mathematics or God's wisdom revealed to man. I think that all controversies in the world are in matter, and man has attached himself to the idea of matter and lives and dies in it till the light of wisdom opens his eyes to the truth that his life is in this great light that sees matter as nothing but shadows.” ~Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Article: Letter To Mr. Carter

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