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August 30, 2015

Two Brothers

Final Installment

by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

I assume wisdom to be the father of all and science the son of wisdom, and those of us who know science or the son know wisdom or the father, for wisdom and science are one. Science is the Christian name of wisdom. Error is the child of ignorance, and the generation of ignorance will roll on till it destroys itself; and out of its ashes rises science, the child of wisdom. Wisdom and error are both in the world together, but error being the elder, it keeps science in subjection as long as it can. But as science grows, it expands and error loses its hold of science. Now these two distinct identities have been kept up ever since wisdom began to act; yet, they have always been applied to matter and the world has always been trying to convert the one into the other.

The religious world have made a man of matter and endowed him with these two principles, thus making the word of no effect by their doctrines, for wisdom is not of this world. Man is ever trying to make a wheat out a tare but Jesus never confounded the two together. He called them by various names: sometimes the rich man and the poor man, the law and the gospel and sometimes the difference was made in one person as Saul and Paul. Jesus was one character and Christ was another, but the religious people of his day and the Christians of ours had the same opinion of Jesus. They considered Jesus Christ was like George Washington, that is a single person with a double name. So it was with Paul. His other name was Saul. No one believes that Saul was the surname for it was the Christian name and Paul was the other, yet, they did not belong to the same character and we have Paul’s own words to prove this testament correct.

We also have Jesus’ own words to prove that he was not God but Christ was. Paul tried to show the difference between himself and Saul whom he called brother for he says, If meat make my brother to offend, I, that is Paul, will eat no more meat while the world stands lest I make my brother to offend. Here are the two ideas error and wisdom in one body. Wisdom says if meat or argument on false ideas offend my brother, error, I will not argue any more so long as these false ideas stand. In other words, cease from arguing about what you do not understand till you learn what you are talking about.

The people have no idea of God at all. It is true they have a belief about God but it is as absurd as their belief in heaven, and they cannot locate him either in heaven or earth or under the earth and yet they believe in Him. The great fault is in the first state. Man has been taught to believe that matter is intelligent and that matter can be developed as science can. This is an error, for when science is developed, it is done through matter, not that there is the least wisdom in matter, however. The old idea that beauty and ugliness, good and evil, strength and weakness, pleasure and pain is in the thing spoken of causes all the trouble. There is no intelligence in anything that can be seen by the eye; one can only see the working of intelligence in matter. With pain, the pain is in the invisible, while the effect is apparent in the visible, the visible being one character and the invisible another. Science has one character and is not seen, but its brother is seen in matter or the natural man. For instance, science acting through matter or man’s body gives to the world some scientific fact and the matter is the brother and science can only be seen through its brother. Aaron has an impediment in his speech. So has science and it makes its brother or Moses speak for it. Error has the same brother to speak through, so the brother becomes the oracle of the two, yet in fact they are all separate beings.

When wisdom is acknowledged to contain every idea and it is acknowledged that nothing can exist without its knowledge, then although man, as we call him, cannot admit it because of his unbelief, it will not prove that it does not exist. Teach this truth that matter is nothing but gases combined together by wisdom for certain purposes and directed just according to the will of wisdom, then he will see that although he, that is the Christ or the Scientific man, is not seen by the natural man or Jesus, yet he exists with all his wisdom. He will find that errors and opinions exist and he can see them, yet they cannot see him. All that you know scientifically is God or Wisdom and to prove what you know so all will admit it is science. For instance, when the idea first started that a steamer could cross the Atlantic, error disputed the fact. The ignorant said nothing, the scientific believed, but even their wisdom had not rid itself of the old garment of error. When the voyage was accomplished, then science threw off the old garment of error and arrayed itself in the white robes of wisdom which shone like the star of science in the heaven of wisdom. This light threw its rays on the world of error which caused its dry bones to shake, and those that had been dead in the grave of doubt came forth, saved by the everlasting truth. Some of these false prophets were in the City of Gotham, lecturing to the people that the steamer never could cross the ocean. And even while they were eating and drinking at the feast of error, the steamer arrived at their very city. Then those that were dead were resurrected and those that slept, awoke, some to everlasting shame and others to life.

This was the first resurrection of steam and those that rose at that resurrection never die again. We never have been taught to believe that what we see is not that which sees. Being ignorant of ourselves, we have put all our wisdom into matter and believe that matter can bring forth life. All the theories of the ancients prove that what we call intelligence was the result of the combination of gases formed into what is called man. The Christian believes the same, but they have a superstition of the ancients of a light. But as to what it is or where it goes, they are as much in the dark as ever. Every generation has made a distinction between good and bad and truth and error, but they have never given either an identity. If man would call them elements like light and darkness and admit that every person is in one or the other, then he will easily learn to distinguish between the two. All kinds of evils are darkness and science from the least to the greatest is light. Man should choose light rather than darkness, but he has got so far in the dark that to come to the light or science is a greater cross than he can bear, and rather than be the subject of conversion, they remain in the dark. For then they are in company with their own flesh who are the children of darkness and whose father was a liar in the beginning and abode not in the truth. The elements of error are as real as that of darkness and no one disputes the fact that there is darkness, but take it and bring it to the light, and it vanishes. So error vanishes when brought to the light of science.

These two characters spoken of in the Bible are contained in the present rebellion, Freedom and Slavery. Slavery is the natural working of error, yet it seems hard that these wars must take place. There is such a thing as ignorance and that begets ignorance. At last they get quarrelling among themselves and out of the war comes error. Science is an element that is kept in reserve till the time of reformation comes and matter must go through certain processes before it can be molded by science. For instance, take paper; cotton is the matter, rags is the error. The rags go through a process to destroy their identity and then comes the pulp or ignorance. Then comes a higher process. The pulp goes through a number of changes. All the error or impediments are removed and the wheels of time set the rocks of freedom in motion, and the hand of science guided by the power of wisdom rolls out the white scroll which John held in his hand when the angel wrote the things which shall shortly come to pass. This is the parable of the end of slavery to the African race.

There are many other rebellions yet to be battled before man can sit by the throne of wisdom in every department of science. The nation like an individual embraces these two characters, science and error, and both are elements. Science is the element of freedom in the lawful minds and error is the element of slavery in the slavish minds. These two elements have been acting together like white lead and oil, but each element or substance retained its own identity. Slavery or the brutal element has tried to keep freedom in chains, but freedom expands while slavery contracts. Therefore, the bands that once bound freedom are broken and the cry has gone forth from the temple of liberty to those that are bound to prepare for the battle, and the word of freedom has gone forth to all the world even to the whole length and breadth of the kingdom and will not return till every one shall acknowledge the rights of the enslaved at the cradle of liberty.

Quotation by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Daily Quotation of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby for Sunday, August 30, 2015

I could give hundreds of cases to prove that the fluids change instantly and this is the reason for so many miraculous cures ever since the world began. I will give another case. I went to see a person who was blind, as he said. His eyes were bandaged up with two or three handkerchiefs and the room he occupied was so dark, it was with difficulty I could see his face. When I sat down by him, I felt a sensation I cannot describe (which jarred on my system like discords in music) which I had to correct. When this sensation had lulled away, I felt as if the man could see. I loosened the bandage wherewith his eyes were bound and commanded him saying, Arise, go ye to the door of thy dwelling and behold thou shalt see. And straightway he arose and did so and the sun shone out of the firmament into his eyes and he looked about him and behold, he could see. And it was good. He has had his sight ever since then.” ~Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Article: Experiences in Healing, Spiritualism and Mesmerism

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