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August 23, 2015

Two Brothers

Second Installment

by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

When man can be shown scientifically that his life is one that can be lengthened or shortened by scientific computation, or changed from good to bad and bad to good, then he will bow to that principle. The good does not change to bad nor the bad to good, but science destroys the bad and the good lives, while error only creates bad and covers up the good. Man’s life and happiness are the things to be attended to as that is for his happiness. For if he is unhappy and without health, he is of all beings the most miserable. It has not entered man’s mind that his happiness is an effect and not a cause. In mathematics when a person is working out a problem, if it is difficult, he is unhappy until he arrives at the answer. Then if the answer is correct, he is happy and his error is swallowed up in science and his science becomes wisdom. Man has analyzed everything but himself which to him is a complete wilderness and full of false ideas which run wild and destroy all his prospects. He rises in the morning apparently safe from these wild beasts or ideas but before night, he is caught and devoured, else his estate is mortgaged to the devil for a ransom to get rid of some error that he has been accused of, such as going out of doors and taking cold, contrary to the laws of his God. Man becomes a slave to the medical and religious world and is all his life subject to their laws. This is the way that science is punished by its own. It comes to its own and its own receives it not but turns and opposes it. All the happiness that man has, has had to pass through the fire of excitement before it could establish its claim; yet, there never has been a person who has been able to resist this wicked generation that holds the life of man in slavery. Let man’s wisdom once get its standard established, that he must fight his way through the rebel armies of medical and religious ideas before they will abandon the field to him; then he will buckle on the armor of God or wisdom and fight the battle of liberty from religious and medical slavery and establish the Science of God in the intelligence of man. Then opinions will be cast out and man will live by science, for opinions lead to death and misery, while science leads to health and happiness. Then he will see that disease is the creation of error and that the introduction of science is its destruction.

Man’s happiness is in his wisdom and as he frees himself from the medical faculty and their opinions by analyzing them, he destroys the phenomenon of disease which he has built in himself, and this edifice or disease is matter and is made by error and can be destroyed by science, for wisdom does not recognize any matter and man’s life is in it. Science is the light of his life with which to light up the lamp of wisdom, and as the light springs up, the error dissolves. Now admit this truth as a science and then the man will walk by science or light, instead of error or darkness. Then he will learn that this world which contains all kinds of disease, evil spirits and every miserable idea that makes us unhappy is of our own make and created by our beliefs.

We can create this idea called matter and condense it into any form that our belief is capable of forming. And if our power of imitation is sufficient, we can form any idea we choose. Every disease is a manufactured article of our own make and children being but a lump of our own ideas, their mind or matter is as much under our control as their education. We can teach our children to be just what we wish and even give form to their matter and certain actions to their bodies. So we can create tumors, coughs, and every disease that flesh is heir to. Mind or matter is like mortar or potter’s clay. And no one can deny that the clay in experienced or scientific hands can be made into better vessels than in the hands of an unscientific person.

Mind is like the clay and wisdom and error are the potters. Error can make vessels which wisdom can destroy. For error is merely an apprentice to wisdom, as it were, and when wisdom molds the clay, error stands aside. The two characters are spoken of by different names. Paul spoke of them as the inner and outward man. If there is not some way to distinguish one from the other, how are we to know which one speaks? The word science is not used but once in the Old Testament and once in the New Testament. The people knew that there was a difference between a truth and an error, but the two characters could not be known except through the oracle or medium through which they spoke. The natural man or error put the wisdom in the oracle, but the scientific man puts the oracle in the wisdom. This makes two invisible beings acting through one oracle. Therefore to know which one spoke, it was necessary to have them named. They named one and the other when it became old enough to have a being. Science was never applied to the inner or the outer man by the world, but science is the one and error is the other.

The natural man is composed of gases and these gases must have a separate identity. If the gases ever had identities, they must have had them in their original state. If the gases separate, are the two characters of man, then man can have an identity when he is separated from the gases which make what is called flesh and blood. If oxygen is the life of man, then there must be life outside of matter, for the oxygen cannot be destroyed or changed. Therefore the oxygen is the outward man. Now divide the gases into two characters. One, that character called truth or wisdom, the other error, and then the element embracing truth cannot be changed; it includes all intelligence without matter. The other element is under the control of wisdom which is the element I call God. It cannot be seen, for it is all wisdom. The other element is the gases which compose the natural man. These elements are the gases which are combined together to produce certain effects. For instance, oxygen and nitrogen united go to make up the air. Then there are elements called carbon and hydrogen, the carbon being a solid and the hydrogen being a gas. Water is formed by the combination of oxygen and hydrogen in certain proportions. Could we take away oxygen from the water, what remains, being hydrogen, will burn. Now the caloric is the invisible principle that we call heat. This principle is something, but we do not find any intelligence which man admits except these gases when they are combined into the form called body. Then the life is visible or the body has motion.

If these gases when combined produce wisdom and when separate are nothing, what was it that made the gases whose combination makes wisdom? The element of caloric does not seem to belong to any of these gases, yet it is a power or principle which cannot be seen. Oxygen is not water, neither is nitrogen; yet when mingled together in certain proportions, these two produce water. Water is matter and the two gases which are not matter can produce it; therefore nothing can produce something. Remove the oxygen from the water and what remains burns, so according to this theory, oxygen is water and nitrogen is fire. It is certain that everything animate or inanimate, matter or solid dies or dissolves and passes out of sight. Now if each and every one of these endless bodies or beings that are formed by the combinations of these gases, when resolved into their original state do not hold their distinct identities, then there can be no First Cause.

I assume that every element when disturbed is combined with other elements to produce some idea and when the idea is destroyed, the elements of which it is composed return to their original state. If life is a combination of elements which when they are dissolved destroys life, then life is not an element of itself but a result of a combination. And let me ask what was it that made the elements a combination? It must be something that is outside these gases. I contend that wisdom contains all this and everything in the form of gases or fluids are subject to it. Then we have an endless space filled with invisible matter and governed by an invisible wisdom which sees things that are invisible to our eyes. Give wisdom an existence outside of matter and give it a being and then you can have something which will exist when opinions are gone.

[To be conluded next week.]

Quotation by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Daily Quotation of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby for Sunday, August 23, 2015

Wisdom must contain within itself all of man’s knowledge and ideas and know what is true and what is false, and yet be invisible to our belief. Yet it is the power which governs all matter, whether in the form of man or beast. The world that Jesus came from when he said he came from his father is not the Christian’s world but the world of wisdom. And when he came into this world, as it is called, he did not mean this world of matter, called the globe, but the world of opinions or the people’s beliefs. Christ came from wisdom into error to teach the child of science that we are held in bondage by the errors of religion, that this world was not his home. For he had a house not made with hands or man’s belief but by wisdom, which is eternal, and that the temple or belief which held him must crumble to pieces and be destroyed, the matter returning to matter to be subject to wisdom. To convince the people of this was to teach a new science, and when a person grows up and rids himself of error or opinions, then he lives in wisdom and is no longer a man of matter.” ~Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

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