Historical Newspaper Articles

Within the collection of the Phineas Parkhurst Quimby papers at the Library of Congress, is a scrapbook containing many newspaper articles that span his professional career.

Historical Newspaper Clippings

It appears this book was originally a recycled business ledger of some kind, that was a common re-use of old books. The ledger itself, would be of great interest to Quimby historians and scholars, if it could only give up its secrets, that lie beneath the articles.

It was also common for people to clip out newspaper articles, that were of importance to them, without making notations of the newspaper’s name or the date of when the article was published. This was an unfortunate practice for interested present and future generations. I have endeavored to accurately transcribe (re-key) these articles to make them easier to read.

I have also attempted to present the articles in chronological order where it is possible. Each article is presented along with the original image or images, as published. You can click on each image to see a larger view. It seems safe to assume that Dr. Quimby clipped out and saved many of these articles himself. They reflect not only stories about him, but also some of his interests.

Ron Hughes — September 7th, 2003
Updated May 12, 2013 — Ron Hughes

Description Newspaper Date Published
Animal Magnetism Unknown Unknown
Notice of Quimby Demonstration in Bangor, Me. Unknown 1842
Animal Magnetism, or Mesmerism. [Experiments made by an un-named mesmerist. Quimby?] Unknown Sept. 22, 1842
Lengthy Article on Mesmerism and Quimby’s Experiments [Waldo Signal], Belfast, Maine April 27, 1843
Animal Magnetism—Demonstrated Before a Committee in Norridgewock, Me. Unknown Jan. 15, 1843 [1844]
Article by Quimby on Mesmerism? Norridgewock [?] [1844]
Mesmerism—Lecture by Mr. Roby Manchester Guardian Unknown
Animal Magnetism—Lecture at Wiscasset, Me. Unknown Thurs. Feb. 15, 1844
Painless Surgery Boston Medical & Surgical Journal. 1845
Singular Case of Healing Bangor Times, Bangor, Maine 1850’s
Article Requesting Quimby to come to Augusta Gospel Banner [?] 1850’s
A Lady Restored to Speech by Quimby [Blodgett] Belfast 1856
Another Case of Infirmity Under the Treatment of Dr. Quimby. [Miss Buker] Bangor, Maine 1856
A New Doctrine of Health and Disease. Bangor Jeffersonian 1857
Who and What is Dr. Quimby? Bangor Jeffersonian Feb., 1858
Circular "To The Sick" Various 1860-1865
Editorial Announcement [Evening Courier], Portland, Maine Unknown
The Art of Healing. Portland Advertiser February 1860
Astonishing Cures. [Testimonial of Fanny C. Bass.] Evening Courier, Portland, Maine Sept 1860
A Remarkable Case. [Testimonial of Fanny C. Bass.] Lowell Daily Citizen and News, Lowell, MA October 23, 1860
Testimonial of a Quimby Cure. Free Press, Lebanon, N. H. Dec. 3, 1860
"The Annihilation of Disease." Unknown Feb. 3rd, 1861
Story about Quimby Written by Editor Eliphalet Case Portland Daily Advertiser, Portland, Maine February 5, 1862
P. P. Quimby’s Letter to the Editor of the Portland Daily Advertiser Portland Daily Advertiser, Portland, Maine February 17, 1862
Outline of New Principles in Curing Disease — by "D." Portland Daily Advertiser, Portland, Maine March 22, 1862
Reply to an article by “J.” Portland Advertiser, Portland, Maine Unknown
Article by "Editor Eliphalet Case" Portland Daily Advertiser, Portland, Maine April 29, 1862
Dr. Quimby’s Mode of Curing Diseases. "Vermont". Portland Daily Advertiser, Portland, Maine April 29, 1862
Update on a Testimonial Portland Daily Advertiser, Portland, Maine April 29, 1862
Letter from Louisville. [Testimonial by Dr. Town] Portland Daily Advertiser, Portland, Maine March 6, 1862
Cured By Doctor Quimby Unknown June 10, 1862
Last Words of Soldier Named "Thornton" Unknown Unknown
A Stanza of Poetry. Unknown Unknown
Testimonial by "Mary M. Patterson" [Mary Baker Eddy] Evening Courier, Portland, Maine November 7, 1862
Criticism of the Patterson [Eddy] Testimonial Portland Daily Advertiser, Portland, Maine November 8, 1862
Reply to the Criticism by Mary M. Patterson [Mary Baker Eddy] Evening Courier, Portland, Maine 1862
Testimonial of John W. Deering Portland Daily Advertiser, Portland, Maine January 12, 1863
Wonderful Cure—John W. Deering Unknown 1863
Story of Caspar Hauser New York Ledger, New York, NY Saturday, February 7, 1863
Sudden Cure of Henry J. Parsons Unknown Unknown
Distant Healing [C. C. Whitney] Evening Courier, Portland, Maine Unknown
Quimby Suspends His Practice Due to Exhaustion. Portland Advertiser Unknown
Health Without Medicine—Quimby Returns to His Practice. Portland [?] 1859-1865 [?]
Notice of Quimby's Departure from Portland by "G." Portland Advertiser 1865
Quimby Leaves Portland. [“E. G. W.”] Portland Advertiser 1865
Tribute to Quimby’s Passing by Mary M. Patterson [Mrs. Eddy] A Lynn, MA. Newspaper Feb. 22, 1866
A Tribute to Dr. P. P. Quimby by "Faith". Unknown April 25, 1887.
Cured By Wire The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, NY December 16, 1887