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Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond

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Historical Newspaper Articles

[For the Advertiser.]

We are at a loss to discover the point in the argument “J.” uses in defence of the “regular practitioner.” It would appear at a glance that he is either a physician himself, or closely allied to the fraternity, possibly urged on by one of the brethren.

For our own part we are perfectly willing that Dr. Quimby, or any other person should do all they can for the alleviation of suffering, if they accomplish no more than merely convincing the patient for the time being that they are relieved. The process is harmless, the result is in no respect injurious. We would not detract one iota from the inestimable value of medicines, for too well we know the good service they have done us. It was not that which prompted this reply; but the great dread “J.” has, that the Doctors will lose, or have their rights encroached upon. For ourselves, and we have the right to speak, being of the “regular school”—we are not in the least degree disturbed by any such fears, resting wholly upon the good sense and intelligence of the community to support us in our efforts to relieve suffering wherever found, and we will take the only really good thing in “J.’s” communication and fully trust in it. “Regardless of all the thousand and one theories, specifics, and great cures, it is gratifying to be able to say that the sober sense of the masses is in favor of rational rather than mystic medicine” And we would go farther and say we have no anxiety or fears in regard to the inroads any “regular physicians” may make in our community, nor treat this well earned success with contempt, nor denounce them as unworthy our friendship and confidence—believing fully that they like us are desirous of doing all the good they can, and receiving from the citizens their patronage and support. On the one hand is cried down the systems of “mesmerism,” “spiritualism,” “infinitesimals” and “new theories,” and on the other, and in the same breath is denounced the “regular practitioner,” whose education, tenets and practice is identical with their own. Where are thou, consistence! What but a quibble in medical ethics caused the dissolution of one of the oldest associations in our city. We are too much divided into parties and cliques not only here but everywhere. The physician is not sufficiently ready to take his brother by the hand and say, we will work together. Let us have done with this spirit of envy which has taken deep root amongst us, and live in a peace with all our brethren and each other.


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