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Historical Newspaper Articles

Messrs Editors.—It will be seen by your advertising columns, that Dr. Quimby, who has been resident of our city for the past six years, is about to leave us. During that time he has treated the sick in an entirely new and novel manner, in every way different from any method that has ever come within our notice.

Being personally acquainted with the Doctor, we know that when he claims to treat disease differently from the regular practice, the mesmeric, spiritualists or any other class of practioners, he claims what is strictly true. He gives no medicines, makes no applications and goes into no trances, being always conscious of what he says and does. He takes as a starting point, that disease was never created by God, but has been made by the false opinions which have been given and believed by man, and he contends that disease can be cured, by simply explaining to the patient wherein he has been deceived, in believing as true that which is false, and by showing him his deception, his cure will follow, just in proportion as he is enlightened by the Doctors explanation.

He says that if he cures at all, he knows how he does it; and that all the power or influence which he exerts is simply in what he says to the patient, while sitting with him.—That he does effect cures, no one at all acquaintad with his practice will deny.

In all practices that have ever come within our knowledge, disease is either admitted as a reality and is treated as such, else it is called the effect of the imagination. Dr. Quimby disposes both of these theories, and treats disease as the effect of false ideas, which can be more understandingly treated by the aid of reason, than by the use of drugs or medicines.

The Doctor also contends that if he can cure an individual case by his arguments and explanations, that he can produce the same effect by addressing himself to many at the same time. He goes from us to have a summer vacation at his home in Belfast, and with the intention of publishing his ideas at some future time, and also with the idea of treating disease publicly, when he feels that the people are ready for such a course.

The sick whom he has cured, and his many friends, will wish him success in his future course, whatever it may be.


Historical Newspaper Clippings Historical Newspaper Clippings


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