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Historical Newspaper Articles

[For the Courier.]

MR. EDITOR—As spiritualism to many, seems to be the only way of accounting for all phenomena of the present day, I thought it might be of some interest to your readers to state a case that come under my own observation, and I will leave the public to judge the manner in which it was done.

Two years ago last March I sent to Dr. Quimby to visit my wife, then living in Wayne, in this State, who had been confined to her bed, for over a year, and unable to lie on her left side, or raise herself in bed.

The Doctor replied that he could not visit her in person, but would try an experiment, and wished me to keep him informed of his success. His plan was that on my receiving his letter he would commence to operate on her, and continue his visits till the next Sunday, when he would, between the hours of 11 and 12, make her walk. I received his letter Wednesday, and that night she was very uneasy and nervous and the next day Thursday she was more comfortable, and turned over on her left side, a thing she had not done for nearly a year. She continued improving, and sent the doctor letters informing him of his success. On Sunday, not expecting her to rise, I attended church, and on my return I found her up and dressed. Between the hours of 11 and 12 she arose from her bed and walked across the room, returned to the bed, and then walked out into the dining room, and the next morning she took breakfast with the family, and continued to improve.

Less than a year ago my wife was again very low, and being in Portland at the time, I called on the doctor unknown to my wife, and asked him if he could not get her up, without her knowing it. He said he would try, and told me I should find her better on my return, and if on Sunday she was very nervous I had better tell her it was his influence, and he would try and get her up. On my return I found her already better, and on Sunday she was so nervous I told her what it was and she arose, and was dressed and walked out again.



We were handed the above communication a few days since. It seems to invite explanation from those who attribute simular phenomena to spiritual influences. As it regards the experiment, we were recently introduced to a young lady from Lancaster, N. H., who informed us that, at the time of the first experiment the Dr. was at her house in Lancaster, and that at 11 o'clock Sunday morning, he told the family that he must go to Wayne, to visit a patient, and after retiring to the parlor for an hour, returned and said he had got the lady up from her bed, and that she walked, and three persons were present in the room, who witnessed it. Upon writing Mr. Whitney, it was found that he and two friends, who had accompanied him home from meeting were present at that time, and saw her walk.

Historical Newspaper Clippings Historical Newspaper Clippings


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