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Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond

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Historical Newspaper Articles

DR. QUIMBY.—It is with feelings of surprise and regret that many of your readers receive the announcement, given in your advertising columns, that Dr. P. P. QUIMBY has determined to leave Portland. The Doctor has been in this city for nearly seven years, and by his unobtrusive manners and sincerity of practice has won the respect of all who know him. To those especially who have been fortunate enough to receive benefit at his hands—and there are many—his departure will be viewed as a public loss. That he has manifested wonderful power in healing the sick among us, no well—informed and unprejudiced person can deny. Indeed, for more than twenty years the Doctor has devoted himself to this one object, viz.: to cure the sick, and to discover through his practice the origin and nature of disease. By a method entirely novel, and at first sight quite unintelligible, he has been slowly developing what he calls the science of health; that is, as he defines it, a science founded on principles that can be taught and practised, like that of mathematics, and not on opinion or experiment of any kind whatsoever.

Hitherto he has confined his efforts to individual cases only, seeking to discover in them what disease is, how it arises, and whether it may not, with the progress of truth, be entirely eradicated. The results of his practice have been such as to convince him that Disease, that great enemy to our happiness, may be destroyed, and that, too, on grounds and by a method purely rational; and he goes from us not to abandon the cause, we are rejoiced to learn, but to enter a broader field of usefulness, wherein he hopes not only to cure, but as far as he can, to prevent disease.

The path he treads is a new one and full of difficulties; but with the evidence he has already given, in numberless instances, of his extraordinary ability in detecting the hidden sources of suffering, we are led to hope he may yet accomplish something for the permanent good of mankind. An object so pure, and a method so unselfish, must, when understood, claim the favorable attention of all. We bid him God speed.

[“E. G. W.” is handwritten at the bottom of the article, who is presumably, Emma G. Ware.—RH]

Historical Newspaper Clippings Historical Newspaper Clippings


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