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Historical Newspaper Articles

We give place to the following by request of the writer. Our space is so limited, we could not very well spare room for a description of Dr. Q’s theory as proposed.


[For the Courier.]

Noticing a paragraph in the Advertiser commenting upon some sentences of mine clipped from the Courier, relative to the science of P. P. Quimby—concluding with, “What next?” We would reply in due deference to the courtesay with which they define our position.

He quotes the sentence, that “P. P. Quimby's works are but the result of superior wisdom which can demonstrate a science not understood.” But why did he not finish the quotation, wherein I took the Scriptures for proof that devils are not cast out through Beelzebub?

Again he adds: The “not understood is doubtless true, as all will say who know the Doctor. P. P. Quimby compared to Jesus Christ!! What next!” Here we paused with admiration that we should have waked a disciple of  Spiritualism to tread softly on the mention of that sacred name (?)

P. P. Quimby stands upon the plane of wisdom with his truth. Christ healed the sick, but not be jugglery or with drugs; as the former speaks as never man before spake, and heals as never man healed since Christ, is he not identified with truth, and is not this the Christ which is in him? We know that in wisdom is life, “and the life was the light of man.” P. P. Quimby rolls away the stone from the Sepulcher of error and health is the resurrection. But we also know that light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not.

Again, this to the delicate auditory of the man of nervers, may sound “wise enough to be very foolish, and deep enough to be shallow.” But we read—it takes the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. But according to Quimby, wisdom cannot dwell in matter, hence the latter suffers from friction. I would be pardoned for the rubbing, but I cannot relinquish a truth, nevertheless.


In explanation I would furnish your readers with some quotations from P. P. Quimby’s theory of Christ (not Jesus) if he is willing, and you will publish it.

[Note: Evening Courier, Portland, Maine, probably published on November 9 or 10, 1862.—Ron Hughes.]

Historical Newspaper Clippings Historical Newspaper Clippings


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