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Historical Newspaper Articles

We publish this morning a communication over the name of “VERMONT,” from a very intelligent young lady who, with her mother, was a boarder at the International Hotel during the most of last winter.

The mother was a lady, we judge, of about fifty years, and the daughter about twenty.—The mother had been treated for cancer [*] which her physician thought was incurable. The daughter was simply afflicted with general debility. Both left restored to health.

The lady, whose voice was restored, lost it nearly three years since by scarlet fever, and during that whole time had not spoken.

We give an extract from her letter to Dr. Quimby, dated 25th inst. During the last four months we have witnessed a good many cures by the Doctor.

As we stated once before, he uses no medicine, and makes no pretensions to anything wonderful. If he do no good, he does no harm, as he gives no medicine.

We intended ere this, to have explained how, and by what agency Doctor Quimby cures diseases; but have not yet found a leisure moment to devote to this particular question.

We content ourself by simply giving the facts we have stated, leaving each reader to account for them as best he can; and we only add in conclusion that, to us, there is nothing mysterious or wonderful in Dr. Quimby’s practice.

He has cured a good many of the love of rum and tobacco, and all hankering for either; but he don’t like to operate on tobacco users, because it makes him tobacco sick.

[* In Quimby’s copy of this published article, someone has crossed out the word “cancer,” and “scrofula” is handwritten at the side of this article. “Editor Case” is handwritten below this article. Eliphalet Case was the editor of the Portland Advertiser on this date.—RH]
[Published Date: Tuesday, April 29, 1862; Paper: Portland Daily Advertiser (Portland, ME); Volume: XXXII; Issue: 100; Page: 1.—Ron Hughes.]

Historical Newspaper Clippings


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