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Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond

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Historical Newspaper Articles

Reader, did you ever see Dr. Quimby? You have heard of him. As a Doctor he is a nondescript. He ignores all material medicines. He does not give even the infinitesimal atoms of Homoeopathy or bread pills. He repudiates all spiritual medicineship as he does the whole catalogue of pills and liquids recorded in the M. D’s Materia Medica. These he asserts are all humbugs, and the works of darkness.

His patients come from the four winds of heaven—from every part of the compass, East, West, North and Sou—no, no, NO, not from the South. The Doctor is a strong Union man; and would as soon cure a sick rattlesnake as a sick rebel. He has patients from all parts of New England, the Middle States, and the West. And his patients are all from the wealthier and educated classes. He has a large practice in this city and neighborhood. Most of his patients got well under his curative process, which differs from all other modes and theories of medical practice.

We have been boarding at the International Hotel, in this city, during the last six weeks, and we have witnessed some remarkable cases; as have all the regular boarders. We express no opinion about the modus operandi; except to say positively that the Doctor’s practice, if it do not cure, can do no possible harm, as he gives no medicines.

[“E. Case of Portland Advertiser 1861” is handwritten next to this article.—Ron Hughes]
[Published Date: Wednesday, February 5, 1862; Paper: Portland Daily Advertiser (Portland, ME); Volume: 32; Issue: 31; Page: 2.—Ron Hughes]

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