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Historical Newspaper Articles

DR. P. P. QUINBY.—We have noticed, from time to time, strong testimonial’s in relation to the wonderful cases performed by Dr. P. P. Quinby, in different parts of Maine and New Hampshire. Who have been made healthy and happy, by the exercise of his remarkable curative powers, are ever ready to acknowledge their gratitude and affection for the man who alone has been able to warn away their deep seated diseases.

The following we copy from the Lebanon, N. H., Free Press. It is but one in hundreds of similar testimonials:—

LEBANON, Dec. 3, 1860.

Just at the present time there is a good deal said about a Dr. Quinby, of Portland, Me., and it may not be considered amiss to mention the case of a young lady of this town, who has been greatly benefitted by him. For nearly three years she has been an invalid—a great part of the time confined to her bed, and never left her room unless carried out by her friends. A few weeks since, she heard of Dr. Quinby, and resolved to visit him. She did so, and after remaining under his care four days, she returned home free from all pain and disease, and is now rapidly regaining health and strength.

The reputation of Dr. Quinby, as a man who cures diseases, has extended without the narrow limits of his own State, and the sick from various parts have learned to avail themselves of his services. The increasing respect and confidence of the public in his success suggests the days of miracles, and bring up a question as absurd as that of two thousand years ago, “Can any good come out of Nazareth?” Can actual disease be cured by humbug? Dr. Quinby effects his cures without the aid of medicine or outward applications, and his practice embraces cases like the above, where all ordinary treatment has failed to relieve. These facts at first place him in the rank of the mysteries of a superstitious world, but there are few of his patients after a second interview who do not think the mystery is in them and not in him. The intelligence that could explain satisfactorily such phenomena as his cures, must be as miraculous to mankind, as the facts of themselves are held to be without any adequate explanation. It is here that Dr. Quinby stands, his explanation and his cures go hand in hand. While his senses are penetrating the dark mystery of the experience of the sick, he is in complete possession of his consciousness as a man. Not fearing to investigate the operation of the mind, he penetrated the region whence nothing but magicians, sorcerers, witch—craft, and spiritualists have ventured, and going far beyond them in his experiments, he arrived at the knowledge of the principle regulating happiness.

Therefore his curing disease is perfectly intelligent and is in in itself new philosophy of life. The foundation of his theory regarded simply as a belief, is that disease is not self existent nor created by God, but that it is purely the invention of man. Yet it is so firmly established in our belief, and substantiated by so much wisdom, that its existence as an independent identity, is never questioned. In his treatment he makes a complete separation between the sufferer and the sickness; for the latter he has no respect, and while he is battling and destroying the faith or belief of which it is made, he respects the intelligence of the patient, which he leaves free and unchained.

It is impossible in a brief communication, to do anything like justice to Dr. Quinby’s system. Enough has been said to separate him from quacks and imposters. The case cited above is not a solitary instance of his skill in practicing his science, and his increasing popularity with all classes shows that the confidence of the public is not misplaced.


Historical Newspaper Clippings Historical Newspaper Clippings


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