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Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond

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Historical Newspaper Articles

DR. P. P. QUIMBY.—We regret to learn that the Doctor has been obliged temporarily to suspend his professional labors, from exhaustion arising from a pressure of patients from all parts of the loyal States. He left for his home at Belfast in the Harvest Moon this morning, whence, with a few days quiet and rest, he hopes to be able to return to his patients in this city. Never were his rooms so crowded as this season, and we must confess that we have been a witness to some most remarkable cures. He professes a theory which we have never heard broached by any other man, and is in daily experiment with facts which it would be hard to contradict. His system of practice is without medicine of any kind, and what is quite remarkable he can can produce upon his patients the same effects, if he so desires, as certain medicines administered are known to do. Our acquaintance with the Doctor extends through a period of some twenty years, and we are willing to confess our astonishment at the results of his professional skill.

[“E. Case Editor of the Advertiser” is handwritten below this article.—RH]

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