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Historical Newspaper Articles

A REMARKABLE CASE. The young lady who sends us the following is, and we believe always has been a resident of Williamstown, Vermont, and has relatives in this city, whom she has recently visited. We have no question of the entire truthfulness of her statements, which we have heard, orally with more particularity. Of the miracle cure at Portland we know nothing, save what is disclosed in this testimony of his patient. The solution of the mystery we hand over to the doctors.—Ed.

LOWELL, Oct. 22, 1860.

Mr. Editor:—With pleasure I give you a description of my miraculous cure, after suffering five years from spinal disease and dyspepsia, not being able to take more than two or three steps with assistance, and sometimes not even to stand. A part of this time I was quite low, having neuralgia very badly. I employed the best medical men we have, and, although I gained, I could not walk. Three years since, I went to a water—cure. My general health improved, but still I was unable to walk; finally the physician informed me there was no help for me there.

Last August, I heard of very wonderful cures wrought by Dr. P. B. Quimby of Portland, Maine, without medicine or outward applications, and I decided to go down and see him. I arrived at the United States Hotel (where he has stopped the last two years) Aug. 15th, at 7 o’clock, a. m. I was carried up to my room in a wheel—chair, and in fifteen minutes after I saw Dr. Quimby I was walking. He sat by me telling me how I felt, and explaining to me according to his theory; then asked me if I would stand; He then assisted me in taking a few steps; then I walked alone. At 12 o’clock I walked down stairs to the dining—hall, and to my room again, without assistance. I continued to gain, and during the sixth day I walked four miles and a half, and in less than two weeks I walked into Portland from Falmouth, four miles. When you consider that up to the time I saw Dr. Quimby I could only stand for an instant, and take two or three steps with assistance, you will not wonder that I was wild with delight, or that I was to myself like one risen from the dead. Ten week have passed, and I think I have tested my strength sufficiently to prove it will not return upon me.

Dr. Quimby is continually doing just such things, and professes to have gotten hold of a science the world know not of, and believes the days of miracles are not passed.

Yours, with esteem,

[Published Date: Tuesday, October 23, 1860; Paper: Lowell Daily Citizen and News (Lowell, MA); Volume: X; Issue: 1377; Page: 2.—Ron Hughes]

Historical Newspaper Clippings Historical Newspaper Clippings


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