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Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond

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Historical Newspaper Articles

CURED BY DOCTOR QUIMBY.—Mrs. O. E. Littlefield of this city furnishes us a copy of a certificate in which she attributes to Dr. Quimby, of Portland, the honor and credit, by the blessing of God, of curing her of disease, with a request that we should notice it and give some of the facts in the case. In the certificate she says: “For years I have been an invalid.—One year ago [the certificate is dated April 19, 1862,] I became so emaciated I was a mere skeleton. My hair came off. For fifteen months I could not keep a small half cup of food on my stomach at a time. I was reduced to the weakness of a mere babe. I have now better health than I ever enjoyed before in my life, and like Nicodemus we exclaim—‘we know thou art a physician sent from God; for no man can do the miracle except God be with him.’ ” The certificate is signed by the husband of Mrs. L. and others. We cheerfully gratify the desire of Mrs. L. to have her case brought before the public in this manner, and trust that her health—restored by whatever instrumentality—may continue to improve most satisfactorily.

[“June 10, 1862” is handwritten at the bottom of this article.—RH]

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