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Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond

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Historical Newspaper Articles

The Annihilation of Disease.

Disease is the great enemy of life. Even those who are free from it admit that they are liable to it, and are in constant fear of the danger.

It is a quite new idea that disease can not only be eradicated but annihilated, and might be questioned were it not daily proved by the practice of Dr. P P. QUIMBY of Portland, Maine. He has discovered an entirely new method of curing disease, upon scientific principles, without the use of medicine or any material agency: also, without the aid of mesmerism or any spiritual influence whatever. The more desperate cases of disease— paralysis, consumption, neuralgia—yield to his control, and the deaf, blind and lame are made whole by a philosophy which is perfectly intelligent to themselves, and is able not only to rid them of present trouble, but also from the liability to disease in the future.

These statements are made, without the knowledge of Dr. Quimby, for the benefit of any who, suffering from disease, have failed to find relief, and are left without hope of finding assistance, by one who has been in that condition, but was saved by his cure from despair and death.

Dr. QUIMBY has, after years of patient investigation, discovered this new principle in metaphysics, which cannot fail to interest the well, and is of incalculable importance to the sick. But his superior knowledge and skill in applying it to the cure of disease is accompanied with such rare modesty of character that he has never taken any means to make himself known to the world, and therefore he is only known within the limits of the influence which his patients may hold in society.

As a token of gratitude to him, as well as for the benefit of any who may be suffering from disease, he is thus unhesitatingly and publicly recommended.

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[“1861” is handwritten next to this article.—Ron Hughes]

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