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Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond

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Historical Newspaper Articles

SINGULAR CASE OF HEALING. Rev. Frederic A. Hodsdon, of Kenduskeag, who is acquainted with all the facts in the case, writes to the Belfast Age an account of the case of Mrs. M. M. Hodsdon, of Kenduskeag, who has been sick with a complication of diseases for two years. Dyspepsia, in its worst form, and a difficulty about the head, had utterly prostrated her, so that, for the two years, she had not been able to walk a step or to be moved in an upright position without fainting, or producing stagnation, amounting almost to a fit. Dr. Quimby called upon the sufferer in March last, and in two hours from the time of his arrival, she arose from the bed in her own strength, walked a few steps and fell, but arose without assistance, walked back to the bed, seated herself in a chair, and sat up two hours. She rested well the same night; arose in the morning and dressed herself, and took her meals with the family; and has continued to gain until the present time, having gained twenty pounds of flesh, and bids fair for a full restoration to her former health. All this Mr. Hodsdon says was produced without the aid of medicine, and by a single visit from the doctor. Mr. Hodsdon says he makes this statement not to glorify or advertise the gift of Dr. Quimby, but as a matter worthy the consideration of thoughtful persons.

We have heard of other cases of remarkable relief, of a somewhat similar nature, experienced from Dr. Quimby’s treatment.—What force the gift Dr. Quimby possesses we know not. All we know is that remarkable cases of relief from chronic diseases are attested as effected by him. [Bangor Times.

We have met Dr. Quimby several times in Bangor, and have conversed with those who have witnessed the marvelous power attending his efforts. The doctor has some ideas with which we cannot agree, but of his singular power over disease we have not doubt.

[“This was in The Fifties.” (1850s) is handwritten below this article.—Ron Hughes]

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