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Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond

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Historical Newspaper Articles

ANIMAL MAGNETISM.—This subject made quite a sensation a few years since, and we supposed it had actually gone the way of all the earth, until recently, accounts of its wonderful effects appear again in the newspapers. In some parts of Massachusetts it is discussed with absorbing interest. Dr. Francis Dana of Boston, in a letter to a gentleman in Greenfield, bears the following testimony to its extraordinary virtues.

“I could give you an account of many strange cases, would my time and the paper admit of it. I have, in twenty minutes, relieved a lady of that most painful affection, the Tic Doloreux, so that the hand could be passed roughly over the face, where before the slightest touch of a finger would cause the most indescribable agony; and this same lady being an unbeliever—and laughing at the idea of being put to sleep by a few manipulations of the hands, when all medicine had failed to relieve her. I have so much faith in Animal Magnetism, that it will be used in this country ere long as a remedial agent, that apart from exhibiting my cases as something truly marvellous, I deem it a duty I owe the public to make the facts known whenever I have opportunity.”

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