In Memoriam:

Dr. C. Alan Anderson

compiled by Blaine C. Mays

Dr. C. Alan Anderson made his transition Sunday, November 25 with his wife, Dr. Deb Whitehouse, by his side.

His contributions to the International New Thought Alliance were many over a wide expanse of time. He served faithfully and conscientiously as an INTA Executive Board member for many years, heading the Bylaws committee, pioneering the creating of the New Thought Movement Web presence as well as serving as a District President for INTA in New England. As a founding member of the Society for the Study of Metaphysical Religion he chaired the Rethinking New Thought segment of INTA’s Annual Congresses for many years. He was INTA’s first representative to the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago in 1993 and spoke at the 1976 Bicentennial Symposium of Philosophy.

Dr. C. Alan Anderson (1930-2012)The “Life Time Achievement” Award was given to him by INTA. He was a Life Member of INTA and a Lifetime INTA Archives Steward.

Alan’s interest in New Thought began when he was in his twenties. A book by Emmet Fox was given to him that contained a reference that helped him find A History of New Thought Movement by Horatio W. Dresser. In his own words taken from an interview he said: “New Thought was either the greatest thing in the world or the nuttiest, and I decided to get a Ph.D. degree in philosophy in order for me to decide which it was, by putting this popular metaphysics into the context of academic metaphysics as well as other areas of philosophy...”

He earned degrees in political science, law, and education. He enrolled in the Ph.D. program at Boston University where he found that many of the teachings of the personalist philosophers, along with the process thought of Alfred North Whitehead, and others, made the soundest metaphysical underpinning for New Thought. Eventually Alan combined the highly theoretical process philosophy and theology with the practical principles of New Thought. His doctoral dissertation was titled “Horatio W. Dresser and the Philosophy of New Thought” It may well be the only dissertation in the field of philosophy (as distinguished from religious studies) to deal with New Thought.

Alan was ordained by Dr. Ervin Seale, a former INTA President. He worked with Dr. Seale on editing the complete Quimby writings as well as making time to help establish two New Thought churches in New England.

In his own words Alan states: “I am able to do what I do because I am fueled by my longstanding, playful, nurturing relationship with the Ultimate Person (but not human being), whom I like to call God. The highest value we know is love, and only a person can love. It's the work of a lifetime to try to understand the unchanging, loving, dependable character of this non-gendered, non-anthropomorphic Person who nonetheless grows as we grow, suffers as we suffer, and rejoices when we rejoice. I'm working at producing more rejoicing.”

Alan forever lives in our hearts because of his rich contribution to each of us, the world of New Thought, and the family of humanity. Our love and appreciation are with him as he progresses onward in his infinite journey of life.

[Originally published in the Winter 2013 issue of INTA New Thought magazine, on page 6. Republished here through the courtesy of Anderson-Whitehouse Process New Thought.]