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and Beyond

Ronald A. Hughes, editor
Phineas Parkihurst Quimby
678 pp. ISBN 978-0-578-04092-9
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What a Beautiful Book!

Dr. Herman J. AaftinkWhat a beautiful book! The portrait is a magnificent likeness of our great Park and honors him in a most wonderful way.

And so does this volume.

We are amazed how you managed to get it all into one handsome volume. I believe everyone, here and in the next dimension, who worked on the previous 3-volume Seale edited edition will be proud of this publication. It ought to be in the library of everyone of the two thousand or so centers and churches of the New Thought philosophy. Pursuing Quimby's ideas will undoubtedly enrich and deepen the spiritual understanding of anyone who undertakes such a quest and this book(s) provides such opportinity.

Thank you profoundly for such a grand volume.

Herman J. Aaftink

[Dr. Aaftink is Founder-President of Quimby Foundation in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; co-founded the Quimby Foundation in the United States with Dr. Ervin Seale; and a contributing editor of the three volume set, Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: The Complete Writings, (Ervin Seale, editor, DeVorss & Co., 1988).]

A Great Compendium, A Great Resource

James Michael Nolan Ph.D.I am the president of Southwestern College Santa Fe, founded originally as Quimby College, a graduate institution for Counseling and Art Therapy. I am by no means a "Quimby Scholar", nor yet have I read all that he has written. I may never accomplish that. At our College we have a lot of great books related to Quimby, but are only now "re-recognizing" him as key to our roots. Ron Hughes' book is a beauty, a visual beauty (God, I love the cover) and provides a very readable, follow-able collection, arranged by TOPIC (how great is THAT? Answer--VERY great....I pick it up and browse and read on topics that grab me in the moment, have energy or meaning on that given day.)

Anybody interested in Quimby, almost ESPECIALLY if you are not a Quimby or New Thought "scholar", would love this one. We all know that Quimby himself is not the easiest read in the whole wide world, so arranging his work in an optimally comprehensible way is a great gift to those of us who are lucky enough to have Quimby in our lives and energy fields. This is a five star, two thumbs up production. It IS a scholarly yet accessible work for the average man and woman enlightened enough to have discovered Phineas Parkhurst Quimby.

James Michael Nolan Ph.D.

[President of Quimby/Southwestern College, Santa Fe, New Mexico.]

Magnificent Work of Scholarship

Robert J. Winterhalter Ph.D....And especially, thank you for the magnificent work of scholarship, the labor of love that this work represents.

Quimby discovered the difference between attuning to the core of spirituality, and merely playing around the edges.  His work was truly transforming, in creating the New Thought movement.  New Thought, in this sense, is―as Emerson expressed it―"the lengthened shadow of one man."  And you have done an outstanding job in documenting and organizing Quimby's writings.

Let us continue Quimby's work of leading humanity out of the darkness of error into the Universal Light of Truth.

In the Light,

Robert J. Winterhalter Ph.D. (1936-2010)

[Dr. Winterhalter's final book, The Healing Christ is now available from Ozark Mountain Publishing:]

Book Review: INTA New Thought magazine

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond, Including the Missing Works of P. P. Quimby

Ronald A. Hughes, Editor

Reviewed by Alan Anderson

INTA New Thought magazineThis publishing landmark is the only truly complete and accurate collection of Quimby writings. I long had admired and used the 1921 Horatio W. Dresser collection of Quimby writings, and I contributed to the discovery and classification of all handwritten copies of Quimby material in preparation for the 1989 publication of the Ervin Seale’s edition, Complete Writings. Although those of us who worked on that great project did our best to see that it was complete, Editor Ron Hughes has discovered a few missing documents and unauthorized changes, which he has remedied for his new edition. I have entrusted to Ron all of my own materials used in connection with preparing the Seale edition, now out of print. The book includes a preface detailing the history of the various editions of Quimby’s writings and Ron’s experiences in discovering and repairing discrepancies.

Those who have looked at Ron’s website,, must feel enormously indebted to him. Anyone with web access anywhere can read all that Quimby wrote and much about him at no cost whatever. Serious students of Quimby’s work will want to own their own copies of this new and complete one-volume, 654-page, 8 ½" x 11" softcover edition, faithful to the original work. It will be one of the best investments that you ever have made, richly benefitting not only you, but all of New Thought and thinking people who may never have heard of New Thought. Order through Ron’s web site, cost $47.95 plus shipping.

[Book Review: INTA New Thought, Winter, 2010 Vol. 93, No. 4, Page 33.]

Labor of Love

Deborah G. Whitehouse Ed.D.This new, oversize one-volume edition of the complete writings of P. P. Quimby, 'the father of New Thought', is a true labor of love. Ron Hughes has gone over the microfilms and photocopies of the original handwritten documents, finding additional Quimby writings that have been missing from all previous editions. He has also, in his search, corrected some typos that had crept in to other editions. He has restored Quimby’s original titles and placed fragments of articles in their proper sequential order. He has cross-referenced various versions of certain articles, which helps the scholar establish or verify their dates. His intentions are to "let Quimby be Quimby" by examining his writings as recorded rather than as edited by others and "present historically accurate, unaltered and verifiable information about Phineas Parkhurst Quimby in a single volume". This is of enormous help to serious scholars of New Thought, which arguably began with Quimby’s rediscovery of what he believed to be the lost healing methods of Jesus. During Quimby’s career, he evolved spiritually, and the reader is able to trace this evolution and the resulting changes in Quimby’s ideas. As both a scholar and a spiritual seeker, I am grateful to Ron for this work and recommend it wholeheartedly.

Deborah G. Whitehouse Ed.D.

[Editor of the INTA quarterly magazine, New Thought]

A Statement by C. Alan Anderson

November 20, 2009

A statement about Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond.

C. Alan Anderson Ph.D.This single-volume paperback book is gigantic, not only in size and weight, but in importance. It is nothing to be slipped into a pocket and read at one’s leisure, as time might allow. It is a book that would dominate any coffee (or other) table strong enough to support it. It is big and beautiful, but, of vastly greater importance, a book that justifies the term essential.

It is essential to anyone who seeks to understand the fundamentals of American religion, or any religion put to work in the service of the world. If P. P. Quimby does not become a name placed in the highest ranks of importance among pioneers of paranormal awareness, religion, and philosophy it will not be the fault of this book.

Hughes has succeeded where all others have failed in some degree. As one who had a hand in the preparation of the last supposedly Complete Writings of Quimby, I am far less disappointed that we only came close to accomplishing what Hughes finally has done than I am delighted to endorse what he has accomplished. With a similarity of original calling of Quimby of clock making, and with thoroughness that would delight Quimby.

Quimby, who mastered various trades, is remembered mostly as a healer, a spiritual healer. One who built no institution, but inspired a movement, to the extent that he often is referred to as the "Father of New Thought." Unlike some of predecessors in collecting and publishing of what seemed to be all of the writings of Quimby, Hughes as had the wisdom (a term of special importance to Quimby) to omit accounts of events following Quimby. Rather, he has concentrated exclusively on Quimby and his immediate helpers.

Perhaps the best way of describing the book is to say that it is Hughes’s astoundingly impressive website,, and more, put between heavy paper covers. It is about as important an achievement in shoestring publishing as was Quimby’s accomplishment in helping to unite the science and religion of his day into a practical spirituality that eventuality led to what William James in his classic The Varieties of Religious Experience called the religion of healthy-mindedness, a term regularly used by Ervin Seale, the leader of the team (of which I was one member) that produced the last nearly complete Quimby writings.

In my own long career, it has been a special pleasure to work with a granddaughter of Quimby, the widow of Horatio W. Dresser (son of two Quimby patients), and now, by means of providing my materials from my work with Seale, to cooperate with Ron Hughes in connection with what I trust will be recognized as the capstone of Quimby collecting and publishing. (Anyone interested in my own doctoral research, for a Boston University Ph.D. degree in philosophy, with a dissertation titled "Horatio W. Dresser and the Philosophy of New Thought," later published as Healing Hypotheses, should go to and/or read other writings of mine on at least two other website, especially that of Deborah G. Whitehouse and me,

The moral of all this is that Ron’s book is decidedly worth buying, reading, keeping, and sharing.

C. Alan Anderson, Ph.D.

[Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Religion Curry College, Milton, MA. Dr. Anderson is a contributing editor of the three volume set, Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: The Complete Writings, (Dr. Ervin Seale, editor, DeVorss & Co., 1988).]

Thank You from Belfast, Maine

Megan Pinette - President of Belfast Historical Society and MuseumThank you for your gift of His Complete Writings and Beyond. It will make a fine addition to the museum's library and will be an asset to researchers. I am pleased to see the patent information!


My best to you,


Megan Pinette

[President of the Belfast Historical Society and Museum, Belfast, Maine.]

An Extremely Well Organized Text Book

Rev. Aldon K. Samaha I have always had a strong interest in Quimby since I began studying Unity and New Thought in 1976. But not until now has there been one definitive source to study the founder of practical New Thought. In my opinion, Ron's book should be required study in any serious school of metaphysics. I can verify that there is information in this book that cannot be found from any other available source. It is an extremely well organized text book that could be the basis for dozens of classes, which I am certain I will be creating myself in my own church.

Rev. Aldon K. Samaha

[Minister―Unity Church of Temple, Texas.]

Beautiful Masterpiece

Dr. Joe VitaleI LOVE this book. As a fan and student of Quimby, I ordered this book but didn't know what to expect. It's far better than I ever hoped. This is the master work of the man who started the whole New Thought movement. There's enough here to keep you fascinated for a lifetime.

Dr. Joe Vitale

["Author of way too many books to list here."]


Correspondence From the Quimby Church...

Hi Ron,

Rev. Craig HarrisJust wanted to thank you for this very important book Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond. To say the least it remains open and I find it very helpful in my life and my service.

The message of Truth lives on and now and again one comes along who shines brightly. Quimby is truly one who's actions were a testimonial to God's Word. He lived it, he understood it. His vision was clear, he was truly awake.

This book brings far more insight then ever before about the man, his oneness with God, his practice in Truth. In one of the letters he wrote to a person in need of his assistance (to awaken within their own Christ Mind). Quimby stressed the point, "Know that I am with you right now in these words. This is my writing, these are my words." This truth principle in knowing there is only One Word, One Mind, One Truth, making manifest through us all and through everything is such an important need for people to wake up to.

Often people take the perfect thought that is always working through us and filter it down drastically and haphazardly to a horrific degree. Quimby shined brightly, so brightly that others would shine brightly (often subconsciously) just by his words, be it verbal or in pen, and they would heal in the awareness of Truth.

He was truly a master and a shining example of what we all can and are meant to be, in the likeness of our Creator.

Again thank you for this wonderful and very important book.

Peace and Blessings,

Rev. Craig Harris
Quimby Church