Your True Position towards Truth and Error

Question: “I understand you to say sometimes that mind is matter and at another time you separate them by showing that the mind leaves the body and goes to a distant place, sees and describes objects that are not known to any person present.”

Answer: Certainly, and I will give you the proof. The mind is a medium of a higher power that is not recognized which is independent of the natural man. Therefore when we speak of mind we embrace this power as we often do when we speak of a lever, supposing the power in the lever, not thinking that the lever or mind contains no knowledge or power, for knowledge is power.

This natural mistake is attributed to our ignorance of mathematics. The science of mathematics separates the error from the truth. The same mistake exists in regard to mind and matter. The body may be compared to dead weight, the mind a lever. Error puts knowledge into the lever. Here is where all the mystery lies. The natural man cannot see beyond this standard and as all our happiness or misery is what follows our acts, it is not strange that we are all the time getting into trouble. Now, separate the power from the lever or mind and the mind becomes subject to this independent power and acts upon another's mind in the same way that the natural man may suggest to his friend the best way of applying his power to the lever to move matter. As our bodies are the machine to be moved like a locomotive engine and the mind is the steam, it is kept in action by a power independent of itself, for the mind or steam contains no knowledge, any more than the body or engine. Now all men will admit these two elements: one called right and the other wrong. These two powers are the powers not understood or admitted to have an existence independent of the lever or mind, yet every development of science shows one of these powers and it is acknowledged by all, but its place of residence is not known nor acknowledged. It is looked upon as something mysterious and miraculous till it shows itself and is understood as a science. Then it is acknowledged but not recognized as that power which governs all our right acts. The other is animal power and is a servant of the first. These two powers govern the mind and body as the engineer governs the steam and engine. Knowledge of ourselves as spiritual beings separates both.

Jan. 1860