Where Does Dr. Quimby Differ from a Spiritualist?

In everything. All spiritualists, as well as all religious denominations, believe the brain is the origin of the mind and that the mind is the man or soul; the seat of the brain is man's residence while on this earth, and at the death of the body, the soul or life leaves and enters another state independent of the man of flesh and blood.

It is true that there is some difference of opinion in regard to this state. The religious believers acknowledge that man dies and then they try to show what becomes of him after death. Some say he goes to heaven, and others cannot tell exactly what does become of him but take the Bible for authority and let men read and decide for themselves. The Spiritualists differ in one respect from other classes of believers.

They think their friends by some means get out of their body, as a blade of grass springs out of the seed which dies, retaining all of their ideas, knowing how they left the body and died. And still they did not die, knowing that they are in another state and also that they are in the same state as they were before they entered the other side, or, in other words, before they died. Ask if they believe in death? No, but the body dies. So they fly about and return just where the whole religious world stands in regard to the dead.

To me all this is what follows our belief handed down to us from generation to generation without the least foundation in truth. I differ from it all in every respect. My belief is what follows my practice and I cure with the wisdom that I shall use to explain where I differ from every other person that I ever heard of or talked with. My wisdom teaches me that instead of mind being the man, it is the medium, and the brain is like a galvanic battery acted upon by wisdom. This wisdom sets the brain in action and mind is the result. The mind throws off thought governed by wisdom, directed to some point which is some idea to be made. So the deposit from the thought made from the matter or brain is called mind and knowledge. So when wisdom comes, mind ceases.