What Is God? Part II Concerning Human Standards

Every science has its standard based on knowledge, not on opinion. I say nothing about such, for they prove their wisdom by their works. But it is of false standards with no evidence of truth except the misery they produce that I shall speak of. The two most dangerous to the happiness of man are those of the medical science and the priests. These two classes are the foundation of more misery than all other evils, for they have a strong hold on the minds of the people by deception and cant. They claim all the virtue and wisdom of the nation and have so deceived the people that their claims are acknowledged in war and peace. Let us analyze the beliefs of these guides. Take the medical man, what is his science except that of killing human beings? Is the world wiser by his opinions? Do not the very medical men themselves recommend to the people not to read medical works? Does the mathematician warn the people to keep clear of mathematical books? Is not the world wiser, better and more enlightened by them? Is the world made wiser or better by quack medicine or opinions of the faculty? Are not these opinions like the locusts of Egypt in everything you eat and drink? Science and progression have had to fight both theories ever since the world began to think and act.

It is a common saying that the religious or Christian souls are the foundation of God's moral government, but let us see if it is not the reverse. Take the North and South of this American Republic as specimens of mankind. According to religious statistics, the South is more religious than the North, for all religion is confined to sectarian creeds. For instance, how long is it since the Unitarians were admitted as Christians? And even the Universalists are scarcely admitted within the pale of Christianity. The religion of which I speak, and with which science and revelation have had to contend includes more of the liberal classes. Show me where the people are called the most intelligent. It is in New England. This mixing up of religion and science is like establishing honor among thieves. Religion and politics always went together, but science, progress and good order never had anything to do with either.

Religion is what crucified Christ. Pilate's wisdom found no fault with him, but the religion of the priests said, “Crucify him.” Paul had this idea of religion when he said to the Athenians, “I perceive you are altogether too religious or superstitious.” Then he goes on to show them how their religion led them to worship this same something of which I am talking, so he said, “This something that you ignorantly worship, I declare unto you.” Here you see that Paul was not a religious man, but was converted from a man of religious and superstitious opinions to a man of science and progression and he showed that this something was not far off, but the religious world did not know it. This always has been and always will be the case till wisdom separates religion and politics from the scientific world. All science is spiritual and is not known by the priests and demagogues or doctors. The theories of these three classes are not based on wisdom but on opinions. Wisdom is the solid or substance. Matter or mind is the shadow of the spiritual wisdom. Now put man in possession of this wisdom so that he can make an application of it for the benefit of the suffering community, then this wisdom will soon separate the chaff from the wheat.

Aug. 9, 1861