What Is a Clairvoyant Person?

It is a being, conscious of his own existence as a living, thinking, seeing, intelligent creature. All this is not seen by the natural man. Then what is the natural man? He is the shadow of the clairvoyant; neither is conscious of the existence of both at the same time. Why do you speak of two when one is only a shadow? The clairvoyant is like a man who is just where he thinks he is. The natural man is governed by a belief. Reason does not enter into the combination of the clairvoyant for if he reasons, he is not clairvoyant. Where is my consciousness? I am conscious of my senses in both states at the same time. I see the substance and shadow at the same time and change the former. I do not see my own shadow, but I see myself as I really am to myself and knowing that I am not as I ought to be, I change that knowledge by comparing myself to health till I feel it. Health is the standard by which we judge ourselves and just as a man deviates from this standard, he is in the dark and makes shadows. These shadows are the feelings of the sick and are called disease.

September 1861