Truth, Day and Night

Truth like fire is an element of itself. It cannot be divided. It embraces every element of itself. Error is a compound of ideas or mind. The senses are in self-existence or a knowledge of itself. All the foregoing exist in an invisible state and can only be seen through a medium. Yet it contains within itself all the power and wisdom that exists. It speaks matter into existence. It gives life to what it creates. It sets bounds and makes laws. It creates and destroys. I am now speaking of man as we call him. He is God on a small scale, and yet he is but one ray of light from the great fountain of wisdom. I will now try to show how he, that is this wisdom, creates matter or disease, for I shall show that the phenomenon called disease is matter according to our belief. Divide man into light and darkness or matter and wisdom. For example, we speak of tomorrow just as though there was another day separate from today. Now the word conveys the idea of two different days as much as though you saw a man yesterday and you also saw him today, showing there was space and time between the two events.

Now the man was the same but the space and time was in you. So it is with day and night. We divide up the year as a man divides a wheel. The surface of the globe is divided into twelve spaces and each space into equal parts according to their length. The spaces are called nights and the parts called day. So in fact the earth is a great wheel whose circumference (in round figures) is 25,000 miles. This is divided by twelve, not in equal parts; then each part is divided into days and the spaces are nights. Now this we all believe, not exactly as I have stated, because we never stop to think of it, yet we speak of day and night as though there were two separate days. Now if we are on the day called Monday, for we must be on the day, if on anything, when do we step off on to the day Tuesday? I can't see myself stepping at all. The day I make by my education. The earth is like an apple and man is on it and if he lies down and sleeps and wakes he is on the same spot as he was, and if he chooses to call that sleep, night, to him it is night, but the earth has no such idea.

Now suppose a man could get his light from some source independent of what he believes and the sun's light had nothing to do with his light, would he divide the earth's surface into three-hundred and sixty-five days and just as many nights? No. Then you see that night and day are conditions of man. Now this looking for tomorrow is like looking for disease. Neither exists outside of the one that is looking. Then what need of being troubled about what you know does not exist only as you make it. We are not aware that we are affected by our belief. So if we do what we believe is wrong and our error will come to light, then we fear the morrow because we have transgressed some belief. So disease is what we are afraid of. We fear the morrow lest it come. Now true wisdom destroys the darkness or night and it becomes all day or light. So wisdom destroys the darkness of disease and we see its existence was in us. Then we shall not be afraid of this imaginary day. Then we say, Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Let the morrow be as a condition of progress. See what will develop, the progress of progression.