To the Sick

Dr. P. P. Quimby takes this way to give the sick and those who need his services a short illustration of the manner of treating diseases, as they are called by the medical faculty. My mode of treating the sick is entirely new and original with myself. I have no similarity or affinity with any other mode of practice. Therefore, when others undertake to identify my practice with any other, they not only misrepresent me but show their weakness by so doing. For everyone that I treat that can understand me at all will see that I am entirely different from any other person. Those that have some selfish motive to identify me with mesmeric practice use this argument: it is nothing but mesmerism, etc. Others that wish to class me with the spiritualist say it is spiritualism, but I won't own it.

Now this mode of misrepresenting me I, of course, can't help, only as I make my patients understand. And as it is easier to let it go that I am a spiritualist or anything else than to explain, they let it go by, saying I don't care what you call it if I get well. So it makes it very hard for me to separate myself from others who claim me as one of their kind, but I can see and explain where I differ from all others. All persons of every rank and profession believe that disease is a thing independent of the mind, and also that it can affect the mind. Now all classes agree in this that there are curative properties in certain medicines and that certain kinds of food give strength and also certain exercises, etc. In fact a sick person is a complete slave to the medical faculty, to be acted upon just according to their little narrow, contracted wisdom, narrowed down to a certain belief. Now all of the above is to me superstition and ignorance. If every man and all sorts of drugs were out of existence, it would not be twenty years before a race of people would spring up healthy and happy, if all other sciences and improvements went on.

I have been twenty years in the practice of curing disease and learning, the causes and I have learned that nine-tenths of the sick at this time would be well and hearty if the medical faculty were annihilated. Neuralgia is one of the commonest diseases of the day, but this is giving way to a new invention called the spine disease. And there have been such improvements that this has almost lost its identity in the new inventions of human diseases. This has opened a field for the medical faculty. There cannot be a female of any respectability but she must be insulted by these quacks with the idea that she has this disease in some form or other. Now all the above cases I can treat and cure almost at once, from the fact that of all humbugs, it is the greatest, and the medical men know it, for they are not blind. Look at the cures performed by the mediums and the quacks as they are called and you will see that eight out of ten belong to the class of diseases above spoken of. And they are got up by the medical faculty. These men lead the people and give direction to their minds and in this way, they gall the people and they rob them of their health and get the people sick and in despair. And in their trouble they seek a witch or those that have a familiar spirit to enquire of them.

Now what I am trying to do is to convince the sick and all those who want to keep well that my mode of treatment is entirely in opposition to the above. What they call disease, I call an effect of deception; this deception I call the disease, and the effect that follows, they call the disease. I will give some illustration. Take a healthy person, if you can find one, tell him some exciting story which makes him a little nervous. Now here is the ground for the medical sower to sow his seeds of disease. He commences by telling the patient that he or she is liable to have the consumption, so some humbug is started in the form of inhaling into the lungs. This makes the patient nervous and then a new improvement is introduced to inhale into the stomach. This prepares the way for all variety of diseases, like falling of the womb, internal ulcers, ovarian tumors, weak spine, heart disease, etc. Now I say and stand ready to prove that all the above diseases are made by the medical faculty for their special benefit. A more miserable humbug was never invented and men and women pay their money to these quacks for what never had an existence outside of the profession. These diseases were never known to the people seventy years ago, but now every female is liable to be affected by these diseases. The medical faculty have been the means of lowering the female character, for they feel guilty and ashamed of themselves. For they have been made to believe a lie and they can't help it. Now I never make any examination, nor apply any remedies of any sort, but simply tell the patients how they feel. I know they have been misled by these quacks and deceived into a belief and this belief is the cause of their troubles and to correct it is the cure. This is a very easy task, for the deception is so apparent that it does not take much sagacity to correct it.

Then there are other classes of diseases that cannot be cured so easily. Rheumatism that affects the legs so much that the joints become stiff. Such I would advise to stay at home if they think to be cured at one or two visits. All bedridden persons that have the use of their limbs but can't walk from weakness, I have cured very soon. But those that are paralyzed on one side or both had better stay at home for the expense will be more than the good they will be liable to get. Persons smoking or chewing, if they have any disease that they would have me treat, independent of tobacco, I can cure; but if they are well and choose to smoke or drink or chew, it is none of my business. It is a matter of their own. But if they are sick, then if I find that tobacco hurts them, I almost always cure them at the first sitting. If any person is nearly gone with consumption, I should advise him to stay at home, unless it is to be relieved of their distress. So it is with a great many kinds of disease. This circular is to send to those that write for information. With this is a circular giving some idea of my method of curing.