Science Is One Character of God

[Originally untitled.]

Science is one character of God. Error is another character, not of God. Science or God applied to man or beast is perfect in its own sphere. Wisdom of God is that which feels the error of this world. To illustrate how the two are connected together as the vegetable and animal are connected together: this discord of science is divided into two classes. Matter is under the wisdom of God, not known to itself. Matter to God is an idea that contains no science but is like fire or water. Air is another idea. The earth is an idea differing from the sea or water; the air or fire has the same difference. So the wisdom that governs the sea attaches the identity of life to the fish, but it does not attach wisdom or science to it. It is like a machine or automaton that moves by its own power. That power is a part of the wisdom of God that is perfect in the thing made, but subject to a higher organization, so that the higher contains more of the wisdom of itself than the lesser.

So by degrees, matter is changed till it is capable of receiving its author or creator, or wisdom of science. Then man stands in the world of matter, in perfect form and perfect combination of matter, arranged like a perfect instrument ready to be placed in the hands of science or ignorance. Each can play, but one is the natural development of the matter; the other is the author of matter or idea. Now when man is ready to receive this science, he then becomes equal with his father, or science, in every error that he corrects scientifically.

I will try to give an illustration. A lady called on me who had been paralyzed. Now if she had been born so, the matter of the body would have been part animal and part vegetable, or some sort of matter that would not have been perfect, but as she was not born so, her body was subject to the science of God's wisdom. Now becoming one half paralyzed, she is in discord with the other side, but as the other contains no science nor ear for correcting the discord, it wants an instrument that can receive the wisdom of science so that it can disturb the dead or deranged state of the paralytic side and bring it in tone with the well side. This wisdom is not of man but of God, and when applied to man is not his servant but his master, and its kingdom is not of this world of matter but is a world of itself. Its father is the author of its own existence and mankind are its sons and daughters. So as this son of God is in man, its growth is its wisdom, its happiness is its knowledge. Its mission into this world of matter is to govern and control all the developments that matter is liable to pass through; its happiness is in the chemical changes that it produces in the human mind, for the that are corrected in the two kingdoms of error and science. The wisdom is to be able to correct any error that man's matter may go through so as to restore it to harmony. This is the science of God, not of man.

August 1860