Quimby System, The

The Quimby system is applying a new mode of reasoning to an old mode of reasoning, by which the former corrects the errors of the latter and shows how the old philosophy has brought about the evils that man suffers, called disease. His philosophy shows that matter, of which the body is formed, is created by the wisdom that controls it, and this wisdom is governed by two principles, right and wrong or light and darkness. The light is Christ and the darkness Jesus, or human and divine. All error is human and is governed by human laws. All divine or science is wisdom and not human. He shows how humans create their troubles or disturbances and how the human is governed by human laws or beliefs, which is one and the same. So he says, to know one's self is to know that man, like Jesus, has two natures: one human and the other divine. Then he is subject to the one that lives, that is his body, for the body is the medium of both. So to know how to correct an error is to know how to make it.

There has never been a philosophy reduced to a science to cure disease. Men have philosophized about diseases but never has their philosophy been put to the test intelligently. Now he professes to show how man makes his disease, as it is called. Man has never got to the point of progression to admit he is a creative being and until he is educated up to this point he cannot see that he is his own creator. He thinks he is made and fashioned by some power independent of his existence, but this is an error. Man makes himself and is responsible to himself and no one else. Therefore, anything he may do can't change the divine; so the human may create and destroy but the divine is not changed. Now to make the human subject to the divine is to make man know himself.