Proof that a Person Can Be in Two Places at the Same Time and Be Aware of the Fact

What proof has Dr. Quimby that a person can be in two places at the same time and be aware of the fact? I suppose that no one will deny that a mesmeric clairvoyant can be away from his body and describe things not known to his natural senses, as it is called. Although the clairvoyant is to himself in but one place at the same time, yet the company believes he is in two, for facts show that he is with them, and at the same time he is in another place. Now if this is admitted, I will state another fact, viz; that they can all ask questions of persons at a distance and the persons are not aware of the fact through their senses. This is so clearly shown that I suppose that no one will deny it. This goes to prove that every person has two identities: one called the natural senses and the other the real man or God or Wisdom. Now the real man is not matter nor spirit but wisdom acting on matter. This is the man that always will exist and is conscious of his own existence, although to the natural man he is, if admitted at all, a spirit. This error by the Christian world causes all the false theories about another world. This was what Jesus tried to prove and would have proved it, if they had left the natural man Jesus in the tomb. Then the man called Christ, when he showed himself to his disciples, would have been the proof to them, for they thought he was a spirit. But when he said, Hath a spirit flesh and bones as ye see me have, then they believed that the man Jesus had risen. So when they found the body gone, what other conclusion could they come to but that, if they believed anything at all?

But there were some who knew better and this got up a controversy among the believers for Paul says, “If Christ be preached that he rose from the dead, how say some among you that there is no resurrection of the dead?” So you see in those days, thirty or forty years after the crucifixion, there was a difference of opinion among the people. Now if the body of Jesus had been left in the tomb, this controversy would never have come up, for Jesus never believed or tried to prove that their idea Jesus should rise, but that this Christ or Wisdom would take to itself a body to prove to them that man lives when the world calls him dead, and a knowledge of this is the other world. Now you may ask why I undertake to tell what Jesus meant to convey. Paul undertook to explain this mystery, and all the clergy in the country, and why should I not have the same liberty? Paul says after going on to explain to the people, “Last of all he was seen of me also, as of one born out of due time.” Now it seems to those who believe that Jesus rose, that Paul was talking about the man Jesus, but not to me. He was trying to show that there was a difference.

Now to show what was meant by Jesus and Paul, I will give you my own experience of this same Christ or Wisdom that Paul speaks of, and to prove it, I must refer to the sick as Jesus did, for he never proved anything to the well, from the fact that a well person wants no sympathy, but the sick are among strangers and have fallen among thieves and have been robbed of their substance. Jesus often compares the priests or doctors to thieves and robbers, not that he meant to say that they would steal a man's pocketbook, but they would rob him in another way by making him listen to lies, knowing that by this way they would rob him according to law. So it is now; the laws are made more for this set of robbers than any set of men.

Look at the medical faculty of the army. See their influence. All outsiders are shut out. No matter what are the cries of the sick, you are told you must be attended to by the regulars. It is so with the priests but the truth is working out a revolution in the minds of the people and the white slaves as well as the black will be free from those slaveholders. This rebellion, before it is over, will open the eyes of northern Christians and show that the profession of religion is all a deception to gall the masses, as is the profession of the South towards the Union. Christ is not known in either. It is the working of the natural man to develop a truth higher than slavery of blacks or whites. Each is in bondage and to those Jesus preached and put his preaching into practice. So his preaching went to condemn all the popular theology of his day, showing that it was as wrong as slavery and wars, for it bound those that were free like Paul and others, but the slave he never meddled with.

He told them, like servants, to obey their masters but to those that were borne down by the priests or doctors, he said, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke (or theory) upon you and learn of me.” Now how did he lighten their burdens but by removing their sins or error by explaining their feelings. And to do this, it was necessary to take upon himself their feelings or sins. So he says he took our sins that he might lead us to God or truth. Now the explanation was his cure; then they were liable to fall back or be sick, from the fact that they were not aware of the mode in which it was done. So to them it was a mystery or a power. I do the same, I sit down and when their feelings become condensed into a form, the life is in the form and this life is the real person. This person is not known through the natural man, only through the natural medium, but I see the two. There is but one real man. The other is the shadow. Every person knows that language is the expression of thought and is an act of the will. Man or a child learns to produce certain noises called language, but if the idea is not in the sound, if ever so perfect, it conveys no meaning. Therefore language contains no sounds to the natural man. The natural man is the echo of the true man. Now when the true life of man is disturbed by a disturbance of his spiritual matter, it takes a form just according to its feelings and its feelings are itself. So to destroy its feelings is to destroy the life of the error or disease.

Now if language is itself like the odor of a rose, it tells you the state of its health by its odor. So it is with all animal or vegetable substances. This is all the language it has. Now to learn and analyze all the variety of sensation, so as to know a person's feelings by the language that makes no sound in the world like language, is not a very easy task. This is what all the pagan philosophers tried to reduce to a science, but in all their investigations, they had one stumbling block. That was to prove it to others. Their philosophy was true in theory but it required someone to reduce it to a science. This was never done. To them they knew it was true. So their whole aim was to reduce man's life and happiness to a simple truth or science so that he might keep clear from the errors man was liable to fall into. So in fact, their wisdom consisted in the fact that the greatest good was the greatest happiness. So every act that brought pleasure was good, not that it was right or wrong, for right and wrong are arbitrary, but to analyzed every act to see the effect, believing the answer was in the act, so to do an act, thinking that the opposite result might take place, was not in their philosophy. But every act must bring its reward sooner or later. It is like forcing a ball from a gun at any distance on a horizontal line. The ball will fall just as fast as though it had no lateral pressure.

Any thought that affects us contains the happiness and misery and may be calculated on as well as the force of a ball. Science is to reduce every act of our lives to a science so that man can get the most happiness out of the least labor. Science reduces manual labor by introducing mechanics. So wisdom saves a great deal of misery by seeing the causes and effects of our acts. So as we learn wisdom we shun misery, for misery is the fruit of error and happiness the effect of ignorance or science. Thus wisdom analyzes every idea and it finds man's misery arises from some fear of some belief that contains some opinion of man. All religious opinions are false and cannot stand the test of investigation. Science is God's religion and opinion is man's religion. So God shall reign till man's religion is put down. Then comes the end of superstition and then comes the religion of science and God. This measures out to every man just according to his wisdom. So to be a God-like man is to be a scientific man, not a man of opinions. When man makes his highest motives his greatest pleasure, then he will make his happiness the greatest treasure of his life. This is true religion, not the religion of any one man, nor does it belong to anyone, but it is the outpouring of every living being. It is called sympathy. But sympathy is language and when a person can attach his senses or wisdom to this sympathy, then he will act in harmony with himself. But when his senses are attached to opinions, then he is at the mercy of everyone's opinion, like a man tossed about by every breeze of opinion.

I was attending a child with what the doctor called neuralgia. The pain, as he said, was so great that he resorted to morphine to make the child sleep. This opinion of the doctor’s had an effect on the mother and of course the doctor carried the mother from the child. This of course made the child nervous and called insane.

June 9, 1863