Opinions of Physicians and Priests, The

Physicians and priests, like politicians, have no idea of the effect of their belief on mankind. All know that they affect the masses or they would not talk and try to change their minds, yet they are ignorant of the effect, for it would seem too much to believe that men would deliberately murder one another. And yet they are causing worse evils than all the accidents by shipwreck and railroad, collisions and every other conceivable thing; and still they seem to be perfectly ignorant of the evil they are making. It is not necessary for me to say anything about the troubles caused by this set of minds in regard to the rebellion, but I will confine myself to my practice. I know beyond a doubt that most of the misery that man has from disease is the result of false reasoning and the world will never be enlightened till the thinking minds are directed to this one fact: that man's diseases, as they are called, are the effect of false reasoning. This can be proved by thousands of instances. I will give some of the instances that come before me in my every day practice to show how disease is created and how little the physicians know of the evil of their opinions. It would seem as though it were intentional on their part, but when I see so much misery produced by them, it must be through their ignorance. But I will give the facts and let the people judge; then I shall take the testimony of patients as they understand the physicians.

I will give the case I had of a lady that came to me for an examination. On sitting down by her, I found her very nervous and she had hot flashes that passed all over her system. Those feelings I always take by sympathy, like all feelings that contain ideas of disease. I can tell them from those that do not as well as I can tell the sensation of water by putting my finger in it. Cold water to a child might make it start, but no effect would follow its putting its hand in it; but if the water was scalding, then bad effects would take place. So it is with the fluids of the body. Now the fluids of the body are the material to be worked upon. This I call mind and this is the starting point. The senses are something outside of this, but being mixed like gold and dross we take them as one. So when we speak of the mind, we apply it to the senses. But in this way, we deceive ourselves and are liable to get into trouble, because to adopt this mode of reasoning, there is no separating the truth from the error. Now one mode of reasoning combines the matter or fluids and the result is what is called disease; the other mode dissolves the mind or matter and destroys the phenomenon. So I have to explain. Man does not go back to causes.

I have a patient that was very inquisitive and reasoned very fine. And if his basis was good, his reason was correct. Now this man was laboring [unfinished]

Aug. 3, 1864