On the Rebellion

[Originally untitled.]

Now as the rebellion is drawing to a close, the people are settling down to a quiet state of rest, thinking their troubles are all over. They will be in danger by putting themselves to sleep before the serpent is dead. The idea that man is changed when he is overpowered is a false idea. Man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still or a man overpowered may admit his wrong for the sake of his liberty. So it is not to be expected that these rebels and sympathizers have been convinced that the principle of slavery is wrong, only that they were not quite strong enough to conquer and will for the present wait till they get the power; if not in the form of African slavery, they will get it in some other way or try to.

Now the leaders of this cursed rebellion have within themselves the element of oppression. It is their nature with them it is rule or ruin and if they cannot succeed in one way they will try another.

Now religion is a line that is often used by their leaders; when I say leaders, I do not confine myself to the leaders of the Southern rebellion, but to that class of minds who always mingle with the lower classes and set themselves against all progression. It is the finite element in men against the infinite element.

Slavery is finite, liberty and freedom is infinite and will never cease till it has accomplished its work of progression. So every party in religion or politics that goes against this principle of progression goes against God and must come down; but it is not known that every new discovery or revelation that takes place must be developed through blood. But until man can strike at the cause, every agitation will end in the shedding of blood.

Now we suppose that there is no element of political power heating up to set fire to the element of progress to destroy it, but to all such persons I say, Beware, for there is an element, a political element, under the name of religion, that has a greater hold on the masses than African slavery and that is Catholicism; for it is nothing but a political body under a cloak of religion.

Now religion has been considered by every person to be one of the greatest blessings to men and all claim to love it. So the Catholic religion is claimed and yet look at those that believe in it; look at their lives and compare them with any set of beliefs and no person will give them the preference; then what is it that holds them together, although sometimes broken up? This unity, like the Democratic party, holds together and yet there seems to be nothing to hold them; yet you can't change their belief any more than you can a democrat's belief. Now when I say democrat I do not mean one party or another but a certain principle in man to be overbearing; this is slave democracy. This principle is the principle of all political demagogues who use the heresy of heaven to serve the devil with; it is those that know that every person is more or less superstitious and instead of trying to improve the human species, tries to enslave it.

Now they use all their powers to keep the masses in ignorance. The priests of old knew that they had a power over the masses, just as John Smith knew that he had a power over his converts. Now I don't say that they knew what it was, but they knew the fact that they could control the masses. Moses knew it and when he wished to affect any person with any punishment, he used it, but I don't say but his motive might be good. It is the motive of those who use their power to make it good or evil.

Now to suppose that the Catholics do not have a sort of power over the masses is incorrect. The Protestant priests have no such power; they only affect the masses by warning them against some imaginary evil that they believe in. But the Catholics produce miracles and the priests often produce great cures and all their cures are turned to their advantage. And as the people believe in the cures they show them to the priests, like the believers in spiritualism do too. The mediums believe that they have some power from the spirit world, but the spiritualists don't go into a political party as yet; neither does any religious sect but the Catholics and Mormons. All political parties that hold the masses by miracles are dangerous, because the people see results, so you cannot drive them from their belief. But if you can produce the same effect on the people and explain it so that you enlighten the masses, then you disprove their power as a party.

Now disease is an error, and the person that has got it is considered a sinner by the priests, and to be cured is to forgive his sins. The priests are believed to have this power so that they will exercise an influence on their followers that no argument can break. But let some person perform the cures in some other way and show how the priest does it and show how it is used to deceive them, then you destroy their political power and until this is done, man is not safe from this class of political leaders.

I know that they get confessions from the masses that no other persons can get and the persons are not aware of the fact that they do it but feel it is the power of God that acts upon the priest. And this to the sick or sinner is proof that the priest has this power and this gains such a hold on them that they can't be moved by this world's opinion.

Now to break this power is to explain to the masses how it is done and correct an error that is working out destruction to the happiness of mankind. Just get the key that St. Peter has then you can unlock the seventh seal and explain the mystery. Then man will see where to start from. Now we start from a false basis that has been admitted as a truth.

All Protestantism is only a sort of come-outer from the Catholic priesthood, so all superstition is the effect of their doctrine, and all religion admits their foundation the same as allopathy is the foundation of the medical profession and all modes of curing admit the allopathic error of disease.