Love 2**

The love which flows from a woman’s soul can be compared to the heat from a fire which is thrown equally on all around. It has not the slightest idea of anything in return, for it is impartial, without selfishness or passion of any kind. Like the mother’s love to its infant it contains no reason or thought—it is an element of itself. This element is but little understood by the world, for it is not in the world, but the world is in it and the world knows it not. It comes to mankind or the world, and we put a false construction on it. Its language is itself, it speaks not as man speaks, for it contains no matter. It answers our question by an impression that cannot be misunderstood, if man knows himself. This love is what leads man to truth.

When I speak of man I speak of the errors and ignorance of the world and the heat that arises from ignorance is selfishness and contains the character of its author. When these two elements meet, which I shall name man and woman, then comes the temptation, and as love never makes war for gain, it knows no evil, and as error contains selfishness, dishonesty, and jealousy, and disease, it cannot see love or truth in any element but is own.

This element is set in motion by the soul through love to leads us to truth. In this combination of error, it embraces all kinds of disease, all evils of every kind and we all contain these two elements and their separation is the resurrection of the dead or error to knowledge. Now as we embrace one, we destroy the other. True knowledge is in true love—false knowledge is in error and as God is in the former, he contains no matter, and as man is in the latter, he is made up of truth and error. Now as there is a regular gradation from error to knowledge, our identities are in these two mediums or elements, for man has no identities and he becomes subject to the one he obeys. Then how can a man believe in what he never knew? How can he understand unless someone teaches him and how can one teach except he know? Then comes the question is this theory ever taught? I answer, yes. By the mother to her infant, but not understanding the law, she is a law unto herself and does the things contained in this law of love. Now to understand this law is to know how to put it into practice: so that the world can be wiser for the information. This can be learned if any person will give up all their former ideas and surrender to a teacher.

December 1859