Phineas Parkhurst Quimby's Writings — Alphabetically

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Article Title Date
About Patients—A Case: A Divorced Lady November 1860
About Patients—Part 2—Supplemental 1862
About Patients—Symptoms of a Patient November 1860
About the Dead and Spiritualism September 1862
Advertisement—Hair Restorative* Oct. 1860
All Men Have Gone Out of The Way—None Doeth Good 1859
Am I a Spiritualist? January 1860
Analysis of Ideas by a Lecturer, The March 1863
Another Conversation About Matter* Sept. 1861
Answer to an Article in the N. Y. Ledger August 1860
Answers to Questions Asked by Patients, Showing How the Sick Reason
About Disease
April 1861
Are We Governed by Our Belief? September 1862
Aristocracy and Democracy—I February 1863
Aristocracy and Democracy—II 1863
Assassination of President Lincoln, The—I April 1865
Assassination of President Lincoln, The—II—President Lincoln’s Death April 1865
Bad Belief Worse than None May 1862
Belief of Man December 1862
Bible, The—A Book of God’s Wisdom*  
Body of Jesus and the Body of Christ, The January 1863
Book of Man, The Sept. 25, 1862
Breathing May 1860
Breathing II June 1860
Brief Sketch of Dr. Quimby’s Theory* Nov. 1860
Burkmar's Journal: See Lucius C. Burkmar 1843 - 1845
Can a Spirit Have Flesh and Blood? May 1862
“Cancer Is Sown in the Mind, A”  
Case of a Patient, The Dec. 3, 1861
Cause of Disease 1863
Cause of Man's Troubles, The 1864
Character November 1860
Christ and Truth January 1860
Christ Explained 1861
Christian Explanation of the Testaments, The March 1862
Christian Religion Reduced to a Science, The  
Clairvoyance II January 1860
Clairvoyance—A Detective in Disease April 1862
Clairvoyance—A Detective in Disease—Supplemental*
Concerning Happiness 1865
Concerning Revolutions and Rebellions
Concerning the Use of Medicine 1864
Conservatism 1864-65
Consumption—Second Sitting  
Controversy about the Dead May 1860
Conversations with Patients during a Sitting September 1862
Copperheads Caught in Their Own Trap  
Cor. 15.21 1865
Cures May 1861
Curing Disease Must be Governed By Law Nov. 1859
Curing without Medicine 1864
Death March 1861
Death—Continued—How Disease Is Made, How Cured, Obstacles to the Progress of Science March 1861
Death [I] January 1862
Death [II] 1864
Death [III]*  
Death—A Scene July 1864
Defense Against an Accusation of Making Myself Equal to Christ November 1862
Defense Against an Accusation of Putting Down Religion, A 1861
Defense of Dr. Quimby, A*
Definition of Words, The
Did St. Paul Teach Another World? August 1860
Difference between Dr. Q. and All Others, The* Jan. 1862
Difference between Knowledge and Wisdom July 1860
Difference between My Belief and Others' Jan. 1860
Difference between My Philosophy and That of Others
Difference of Opinion about the Dead April 1860
Difficulty in Establishing a New Science—Language, The April 1862
Difficulty of Introducing My Ideas, The  
Disease [I] Dec. 9, 1861
Disease [II] 1863
Disease [III] 1864
Disease and Its Cause 1864
Disease and Sickness 1863
Disease Traced to the Early Ages and Its Causes—Religion December 1861
Disease—White Swelling 1864
Does Imagination Cure Disease? April 1862
Do People Really Believe What They Think They Do? March 1860
Do We Always Know All We Write and Say? 1864
Do We See That Which We Are Afraid Of? 1864
Do Words Contain Any Wisdom of Themselves?
Dr. Quimby Explains His Method of Cure
Dr. Q. as Reformer*  
Dr. Quimby vs. Spiritualism*  
Dr. Quimby’s Theory of Curing Disease*  
Effect of Mind upon Mind, The February 1863
Effect of Religion on Health, The June 1860
Efficacy of Prayer for the Sick, The March 1862
Element of Love* Aug. 18, 1861
Elements of Progress, Aristocracy, Freedom, Conservatism & Abolitionism 1863
Errors of False Reasoning May 1860
Eternal Principles of Truth, The*  
Evidence of Sight, The July 15, 1865
Experience of a Patient with Dr. Quimby October 1862
Experiences in Healing, Spiritualism and Mesmerism  
Explanation, The January 1861
Explanation of Matter, The January 1861
Explanation of an Error Is the End of Disease, The Aug. 27, 1864
Explanation of Science  
Exposition of Dr. Quimby's Method of Curing
Extract from a Letter, An December 1859
False Reasoning in Politics
First Cause, The 1863
First Symptoms of Disease, The—Part I Dec. 1861
First Symptoms of Disease, The—Part II—Popular Belief of Curing Disease December 1861
Foundation of Religious Belief April 1862
Fragment, A 1864
Future Life, A 1860
God, the White Man, and the Negro Race September 1862
Government April 1861
Happiness 1865
Harmony [I] April 1860
Harmony II April 1860
Healing Art, The*
Healing Power, The
Healing Principle, The*  
Health and Disease 1865
Higher Intelligence, The 1864
“Honeymoon, The” Spiritual Analysis of Man and Woman April 1865
How Can a Person Learn to Cure the Sick? 1864
How Does Dr. Quimby Effect His Cures?* Nov. 5, 1860
How Does Dr. Quimby Stand in Relation to His Patients?—Part I June 1862
How Does Dr. Quimby Stand in Relation to His Patients?—Part II June 1862
How Does Dr. Quimby Stand in Relation to His Patients?—Part III June 1862
How Does the Mind Produce Disease? October 1859
How Dr. Quimby Cures [I]*  
How Dr. Quimby Cures II*
How Dr. Quimby Cures III* Jan. 1860
How Dr. Quimby Cures IV January 1860
How I Hold My Patients March 1861
How the Senses Are Deceived 1865
How to Make a Belief and How to Correct It October 1861
Identity of God or Wisdom, The: Part 1 September 1861
Identity of God or Wisdom, The: Part 2 September 1861
Illustrating the Word “Mind” November 1862
Illustration, An 1865
Illustration of the Use and Abuse of Language December 1862
Illustrations of this Truth March 1860
Illustrations of Immortality May 1863
Imagination [I] February 1862
Imagination [II] 1864
Immortal, The 1862
Immortality—A Dialogue  
Immortality of the Soul, The 1864
Introduction [I]
Introduction, An [II] 1864
Introduction [III] August 1864
Introduction [IV]* May 1865
Is Cold*  
Is Disease a Belief? November 1859
Is Language Always Applied to Science?—Part I December 1862
Is Language Always Applied to Science?—Part II—Language Continued December 1862
Is Language Always Applied to Science?—Part III—Same Subject Continued December 1862
Is the Curing of Disease a Science? November 1859
Is There Another World Beyond This? Aug. 12, 1861
Is There Any Curative Quality in Medicine? Oct. 1862
Is the True Issue of the Rebellion before the People? 1863
Jesus’ Healing Power*  
Jesus, His Belief or Wisdom 1862
Knowledge of God in Man, The* March 1864
Language [The King’s English] October 1860
Language [I] Aug. 5, 1861
Language [II] November 1862
Language—Part I  
Language—Part II—Same Subject Continued May 18, 1864
Language—Part III—Same Subject Continued 1864
Language of Truth, The December 1862
Lecture Notes of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby - Introductory Remarks
Lecture Notes-Booklet 1 Early Writings
Lecture Notes-Booklet 2 Early Writings
Lecture Notes-Booklet 3 Early Writings
Lecture Notes-Booklet 4 Early Writings
Lecture Notes-Booklet 5 Early Writings
Lecture Notes-Booklet 6 Early Writings
Lecture Notes-Booklet 7 Early Writings
Letters of Introduction 1843 - 1845
Liberty and Equality 1863
Life August 1860
Life and Death—Two Beliefs* Jan. 1st 1864
Life and Death are Opposite States of Existence* Jan. 1st 1864
Life—Death October 1861
Life—Death. Conclusion: The Birth and Order of Intelligence in Man Oct. 1861
Light—Substance and Shadow April 1862
Love December 1859
Love 2** December 1859
Lucius C. Burkmar's Private Journal 1843 - 1845
Man Sept. 12, 1861
Man's Identity 1864
Method of Treatment for a Child 1865
Mind and Disease July 31, 1861
Mind and Matter May 1860
Mind Is Not Intelligence November 1859
Mind Is Spiritual Matter October 1859
Mind Not Wisdom 1864
Misery 1864
Misery Contains Knowledge February 1863
Mode of Curing Disease, The 1863
Music April 1862
My Conversion January 1863
My Ignorance of English November 1862
My Object in Introducing My Work 1863
My Object in Presenting These Facts 1864
My Opposing the Doctors and the Priests June 1861
My Religion January 1860
My Religious Belief 1862
My Use of the Word Mind August 1860
Nations and Individuals Have Four Characters  
Natural Man, The March 1861
New England February 1863
New Theory on the Cure of Diseases, A  
New Truth, The 1865
Nothing and Something I 1864
Nothing and Something II 1864
Obstacles in Establishing a New Science July 11, 1864
Obstacles in Establishing a Science Dec. 1859
Odours July 1860
On Healing Those Who Do Not Understand May 1862
On Spiritual Medium of Communication from the Spirit World
On the Circulation of the Blood [I] Dec. 3, 1863
On the Circulation of the Blood [II]—Illustrations 1863
On the Circulation of the Blood [III] 1865
On the Draft 1864
On the Rebellion  
On the Senses Being outside the Body December 1862
On Wisdom 1865
Opinions of Physicians and Priests, The Aug. 3, 1864
Origin of Political Parties August 1861
Other World, The 1864
Our Religious Instruction is Derived Chiefly from Preaching*  
Out of Matter*  
Outlines of a New Theory for Curing Disease, The September 1862
Parable, A August 1860
Parables of Jesus, The July 1860
Patriotism August 1861
Phenomena of Spiritualism, The August 1862
Poor vs the Rich, The September 1864
Popular Definitions of the Word “Mind” Confused: Aug. 16, 1861
Power by Which Jesus Cured, The May 1860
Prayer I March 1860
Prayer II March 1860
Principles of Progress, The* Jan. 11, 1862
Proof that a Person Can Be in Two Places at the Same Time and Be Aware of the Fact June 9, 1863
Proof That There Can Be A Moral Science*  
Prophecy Concerning the Nation, A April 1861
Proverbs August 1861
Prove to Me that Mind Is Matter July 11, 1862
Questions and Answers** Feb. 1862
Quimby's Letters to His Patients 1856 - 1862
Quimby's Method of Treatment  
Quimby System, The  
Relation of This Truth to the Sick, The October 1862
Religion [I] April 1860
Religion [II] May 1860
Religion [III] May 1, 1864
Religion Analyzed: Part 1 Nov. 15, 1861
Religion Analyzed: Part 2—Jesus and His Teachings Nov. 15, 1861
Religion Analyzed: Part 3—Comparison between Christians Eighteen Hundred Years Ago and Now: Science and Ignorance Illustrated Nov. 15, 1861
Religion Analyzed: Part 4—How the Error of Disease Is Made Nov. 15, 1861
Religion and Science 1860
Religion for the Well and the Religion for the Sick, The April 1862
Religion in Disease 1865
Religion of Jesus October 1862
Resurrection November 1862
Revelation* Oct. 1861
Right and Wrong [I]
Right and Wrong [II] September 1860
Right and Wrong III*  
Scenes from the Belief in Death and the Belief in Life—Part I 1862
Scenes from the Belief in Death and the Belief in Life—Part II October 1862
Science July 1860
Science Is Freedom—Error Is Slavery September 1862
Science Is One Character of God August 1860
Science of Man, The Jan. 30, 1862
Science, Woman, the Spiritual Rib August 1860
Scientific Interpretation of the Following Passage: I Cor. 8:1, 2, 3 Verses September 1861
Scientific Man, The 1863
Senses May 1860
Senses, The [I] December 1860
Senses, The [II] 1861
Senses, The [III]  
Senses Detached from the Body, The 1864
Senses, The (Sight) September 1864
Separation of Myself from All Others Who Treat Disease, The March 1862
Shadow and Substance November 1860
Short Chapter on Disease, A September 1862
Showing How the Opinions of Physicians Operate on the People July 16, 1864
Sickness Is What Follows the Belief that Disease Is an Independent Life Dec. 23, 1861
Spirits—Are They Substance or Shadow? May 1862
Spiritual Communication, A December 1859
Spiritual Communication between the Living  
Spiritual Communications from the Dead Sept. 4th, 1860
Spiritual Interpretation July 1860
Spiritualism [I] 1864
Spiritualism [II]  
Spiritualism and Mesmerism [I]
Spiritualism and Mesmerism [II]  
Spiritualism and Mesmerism [III] 1862
Spiritualism (Death of the Natural Man) March 1861
Standard of Law, The May 1861
Strength 1864
Strength; Whence Is It, of Matter or Wisdom? Errors and Misery Resulting from the Misapplication of the Word. November 1861
Subject of Mind, The  
Superstitious Beliefs April 1861
Symptoms of Disease, The October 1859
Taking a Disease July 1860
To the Old Whigs Sept. 10, 1861
To the Reader [I] 1863
To the Reader [II] 1864-65
To the Sick 1864
To The Sick—[A Printed Circular] 1860-1865
To the Sick in Body and Mind  
To the Sick: The Conflicting Elements in Man September 1861
To Those Seeking the Truth October 1861
Trinity of Opinions and the Trinity of God or Wisdom, The October 1862
True and False Science April 1862
True Christ and the False Christ, The 1860
True Life is Health November 1859
True Love*
True Wisdom August 1861
Truth [I] 1864
Truth [II] 1864-65
Truth and Error
Truth, Day and Night 1864-65
Truth, How Determined? 1864
Two Brothers  
Two Principles Acting on Man, The  
Two Sciences December 1859
Unknown God, The March 1860
Vaccination according to the World and according to Dr. Quimby*  
Various Ideas Come Up Sitting with Patients September 1862
What Calls Out My Arguments December 1862
What Has My Writing and Talking to Do with Curing? Dec. 1862
What I Impart to My Patients 1863
What Is a Belief? 1862
What Is a Belief?—A Fragment*  
What Is a Clairvoyant Person? September 1861
What Is a Spirit? May 1862
What Is Death? 1863
What Is Disease? I  
What Is Disease? No. 1 October 1859
What Is Disease? No. 2 December 1859
What Is Disease? Part I—Disease, Love, Courage 1861
What Is Disease? Part II—Same Subject Aug. 1, 1861
What Is Disease? Part III—Its Process and Cure 1861
What Is Disease? Part IV—The Christian's God Aug. 3, 1861
What Is God? November 1860
What Is God? Part I Aug. 9, 1861
What Is God? Part II Concerning Human Standards Aug. 9, 1861
What Is God? Part III Comparison between Two Gods Aug. 9, 1861
What Is God? Part IV The Process of Sickness Aug. 9, 1861
What Is God? Part V The Cure Aug. 9, 1861
What Is God? Part VI Conclusion Aug. 9, 1861
What Is Happiness? February 1860
What Is Happiness and Misery? November 1862
What Is Human Life? July, 1862
What Is Man? August 1862
What Is Religion? 1860
What Is Spiritualism? May 1862
What Is the Relation of God to Man? August 1861
What Is the True Meaning of Life and Death and of the Two Worlds? May 1862
What the Parables Taught August 1860
Where Does Dr. Quimby Differ from a Spiritualist?  
Where Do I Differ, Etc.*  
Where Do I Differ from All Others in Curing Disease? December 1861
Where Do I Differ from Others in Curing?  
Why Are Females More Sickly than Males? August 1860
Why Do I Not Cure All with Equal Ease? March 1862
Why Do I Talk to the Sick? 1862
Wisdom Is Eternal*  
Word Life and Its Common Application, The November 1862
Works—the Fruit of Our Belief 1862
World Does Not Understand, The*  
World of Science, The January 1864
Wrong Construction on Words March 1860
Your Position in Regard to the World December 1859
Your True Position towards Truth and Error Jan. 1860

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