Life—Death. Conclusion: The Birth and Order of Intelligence in Man

Life is the substance. Happiness and misery are independent of life. They are the effect of our opinions. Our belief is the earthly or natural man. Science or wisdom is the spiritual man or woman. Adam was the being of opinions, man or woman. Science is the scientific man. The natural man or woman of earth has enslaved the scientific man to the earth and called her woman, has himself received the seed, so that the fruits of the earth are of man. So with intelligence. The natural man or opinion is the woman, and the scientific man is the one that teaches the natural intellect. Now the child is of the earth, earthy, but this mother is not its scientific parent, the father or intellect is its father, for it teaches what it cannot receive from its mother earth or opinions. This was the case with Adam; he was of the earth like all other brutes, but when the science came, he called it woman because it came out of man. Adam or opinions brought forth science and, as opinions rule, they put science down and called it woman. So the natural man is of the woman, and the spiritual or scientific man is woman or the scientific man.

Oct. 1861