Language—Part III—Same Subject Continued

As I have shown that language is a medium through which sensations are conveyed, I shall try to communicate to the reader a truth that has never been reduced to practice. When it can be reduced to practice and conveyed to the mind of man, it then becomes a science. Man will then see that what he believes he wants to get rid of, not what he knows. The belief is the casket or bottle that holds the poison that affects him. I will illustrate. In making these illustrations, it gives the person the idea of a sensation and shows whether he understands what he thinks he does. A child can tell a story of what he has read and yet not understand anything of the fact. Now to understand scientifically is to illustrate the idea of some figure of your mind, not to give the identical words, for the words contain nothing. Suppose I tell you that you have scrofulous tumor. Now any person can tell that, but if you have never heard it described or knew there was anything bad in it, you receive no substance. But if you are told your life is in danger, then if you believe it, this disturbs your mind. By what intelligence you have got of this imaginary idea scrofula, you create an image after the pattern. This is the way disease is created. A lie is set in motion as a truth. The minds are excited; fear takes possession of the minds and phenomena are produced. Then the wisdom of the wise or doctors give them a name. This ignorance keeps the minds excited and the wisdom of this class of blind guides deceives the masses through the power of language and keeps the world groping in darkness and disease.

Now make man understand that mind is something that can be affected like the earth, and any false idea may be created by the fear of some lie that originated in some medical school, then he will try to correct his errors instead of embracing more. See the craft of this set of blind guides. Some great medical man in France or England makes a statement of something as false as can be. This is published in the medical journal, a lying sheet in the hands of this set of deceivers. This is sent out as some great discovery. The small fry catch at the bait and like birds distribute it all over the face of the earth. It falls into every person's mind; there it lies and is husbanded till it springs up. Then one of these birds of prey is sent and a name is given, perhaps the spotted fever. The idea and all the misery that follows this disease has been sown years ago so that the person's mind is all ready to produce the disease. Now this fright gives direction, the fluids are changed and phenomenon is produced and all the people pronounce it the spotted fever. Now comes the harvest. The minds are all ripe. The heads are all ready to be taken sick, and in step the reapers or medical faculty who reap a grand harvest out of the suffering of the masses. At last the scene changes and the harvest is over and there is a large number not saved or cured. Then comes lamentation and mourning. At length the cold chill of public opinion commences blowing. And the little streams from the fountain that falls from the eyes are frozen. The soul or mind is left to be at rest till some idea springs up to deceive the people again.