Is the Curing of Disease a Science?

I answer, yes. You may ask, Who is the founder of that science? I answer, Jesus Christ. Then comes the question, what proof have you that it is a science? Because Jesus healed the sick, that of itself is no proof that He knew by what means He did it.

If He healed in the manner reported He must have done it under the laws of science, for there can be no such thing as accident with God. And if Jesus was the Christ or God, He must have known these laws and the way He performed His cures under them. When He was accused of curing the disease through Beelzebub or ignorance, He said, “If I cast out devils (or diseases) through Beelzebub or ignorance, my kingdom (or science) cannot stand; but if I cast out devils (or disease) through a science or law, then my kingdom or law will stand for it is not of this world.” When others cast out disease, they did it by ignorance or Beelzebub, and there was no science in their cures. The effect produced was the same, but not knowing the cause, the world was none the wiser for their cures. At another time when told that one had been seen curing or casting out devils in his name, he said, “Forbid him not, for he that is not against us is on our part, but he that is not with us or is ignorant of the laws of curing, scattereth abroad, for the world is none the wiser for such cures.” Here Jesus makes a difference between His mode of curing and theirs. If Jesus' cures were done by the power of God and Jesus was the Christ or God, He must have known what that power or science is and the difference between His science and their ignorance. His science was His kingdom; therefore it was not of this world, and theirs being of this world, He called it the kingdom of darkness. To enter into the kingdom or science is to enter into its laws and thereby remove from us the evils of this world. Disease is an evil; it belongs to this world of darkness.

To separate one world from the other is to separate truth from error, and as truth is life and error death, the resurrection of the one is the destruction of the other.

November 1859