How Does Dr. Quimby Stand in Relation to His Patients?—Part I

He stands as a lawyer stands to his client. He pleads their case before the court of Science or Truth; his pleas are their medicine, their opinions are their crimes, the punishment is the disease and the phenomenon is the prison. The medical men are the mouthpiece of public opinion or error and every phenomenon that takes place must first pass the fire of their batteries and they must give an explanation to everything which is received as truth; so being blind guides, they lead the blind till they all fall into the ditch of error and wallow in their own filth. To get them clear from this mire, which is opinions or disease, is to show that part of them which is diseased is the cause of the misery and the argument is the medicine. I will show you how the medicine works.

Disease is a chemical change. Take the infant, for example. When it is born, its ideas are its body, like the earth in its original state. As the ideas develop the body develops and the original seeds or ideas come forth; these are called mother wit or natural sense. This is the earth spoken of in the Bible. Out of this earth, God or truth made man or opinions and ambition or what is called the natural man without science. It was not good that opinions should be alone, so out of opinions came a higher element. Science is not a natural production of error or the earth or child, but it is from a higher state called God or Wisdom. As the child is the vineyard or earth, the man or opinion is the husbandman and the Science or woman is the wife. So opinions or man thinks he is the wisdom, while wisdom is the owner or proprietor of the whole earth.

The child is like the garden and error or opinions is the man, and wisdom lets out the vineyard to man to cultivate the little ideas or original growth of the earth. As new ideas are sown in the mind, they spring up in the form of reason making the man; and the fruits are opinions etc.; out of this man comes the spiritual or scientific man. This man is not seen by the man of opinions, but he is the real man. I will illustrate these two characters.

A little tree grows up, blossoms and bears fruit. This all comes to the natural sight. The fruit throws off an odor which cannot be seen, yet it is in the atmosphere and can be detected by the odor or life. This life sees in the odor the apple and all its peculiar properties. This is the spiritual senses or the life of the apple tree, so the natural man works out the real essence or property of God into the spiritual or scientific man that cannot be seen by the man of opinions but is the real man.

To understand how I cure is to see yourself outside of the natural man or your opinions, like the odor of the apple, with all your senses or reason; then instead of you, that is the essence being in matter, you will see that matter is in the essence. It is often said that God is in everything. This makes God less than the thing He is in. Now make God the essence with all the senses attached to it; then you have an eternal and everlasting essence without matter or form, a point without magnitude but eternal. Call this eternal Wisdom the Father of all that exists out of matter; see this Wisdom by its will speak the idea matter into existence and everything that man calls life. All these things are in the knowledge of this Wisdom, not the Wisdom in the things that are spoken.

It is the same with man. His wisdom is the living man. His opinions are the body or natural man. To put his wisdom into his opinion is to make an opinion greater than a scientific truth. Disease is an opinion. To put man's wisdom into it is to make the disease larger than the real man.

It is a common remark that after we shake off this mortal coil, the spirit will be set free. This is acknowledging that the body is larger than the mind or wisdom. No wonder that with such a belief men pray to be delivered from this body of sin and death.

Thanks to this wisdom I, my wisdom, can see myself outside of this earthly belief and afloat in the ocean of space, where opinions are like stones and pebbles that men throw at each other, while to me they have no weight at all. All these are in me, that is, in my wisdom and not wisdom in them. I stand in my wisdom to the sick who are in their opinions trying to get out, and the harder they try the deeper they get into the mire. So Wisdom pleads their case, and if I get their case, then opinion is destroyed and health resumes its sway. If you understand this, you can cure.

June 1862