Healing Power, The

This power, which from the beginning of the world has been associated with the goodness of God, has placed those endowed with it above the masses, like people chosen by God to administer to the suffering of the human race. So the sick, who are always ready to worship the person who cures them, are very loathe to believe such dishonesty. This gives those who had this power a superiority over the sick which they willingly acknowledge to them. In this way religious sects sprang up established by cures, the person claiming that the power was from God. This gave it a religious sanctity and gave these persons power over the sick. Finally the healing power fell into the hands of the priests. Now the power to heal and the right to dictate are two things. The healing is of itself a peculiar gift to the world like any wisdom not reduced to practice. So those who healed were honest, but as soon as their interest came in, there came the deception and as the deception began to show itself, the power ceased. This was the way at the time of Christ. Those who healed had become so corrupt that they were a pest in society, the priests being the worst. A quarrel arose between these two classes and each gave the power to God, so that at the time of Jesus the thinking classes looked upon both as humbugs.