False Reasoning in Politics

A large class of men in reasoning always leave out the cause and reason about the effect. Take the rebellion. There must have been a cause. This all will admit. But when men reason and act, they say nothing about the cause, for that is beyond their comprehension. They merely hint of the existence of a cause as nothing and talk about individual acts. Now everyone must know that the cause of this cursed rebellion was in error or in principle if you choose to give it that name. Liberty and equality, so far as political freedom goes, are for all and he who opposes it places himself antagonistically to it. Now if might is right, one has a physical right to enslave another if he can. But as a principle there is no such an element, but might is physically stronger than right and has no respect for it. So it creates for itself an element and all evils are in this element or might. When these elements are at war, they work out another element called law. Now law was never the design of either right or wrong but the pleading of might and the yielding of right.

The element of freedom is in the opposition to slavery. And slavery is opposed to the rights of freedom for the slave; so the elements become condensed into a party and are engrafted into individuals. Now this element prompts might to action and, as freedom never acts till it is acted upon, it is insulted by might. Slavery, being the element to excite the brutal feeling, makes war with the higher element of freedom and shows itself by its aristocratic power.

I wish to say one word in regard to riots. Man makes no distinction between them, when there is a great difference. Right never gets up riots. Might is never right but always wrong. When this government was formed, it had to be formed by the element which came out of the brutal element or might; so laws were made for the protection of might and not for right, for right does not need any laws.

Might is rebellion of itself, but it causes a reaction that it is afraid of and then it calls on right to protect it. Now this brutal element of slavery, not being under any law and because they had the power, commenced to enslave the blacks. And because they exercised their power, a reaction took place, and now the world is experiencing that reaction. They have created the element of retaliation by their striking down the law that has hitherto protected them. The reaction is not a mob nor a rebellion but a natural consequence of their wicked acts, and if they get handled roughly, it is their own fault. When they call on the law to protect them against their own crime, they must first destroy the evil before they can have any guarantee of protection. Just as long as the evils exist, just so long they will commit crimes by their wicked acts. Make the principle a party responsible and individuals will forsake it for the sake of their own protection.

All mobs which start for an evil purpose are met by a corresponding mob, and governed and headed by right, not law, which beat the mob of evil till it cries for mercy and begs for some guarantee from right that it shall not be harmed. Right lets them make their laws and then says, now respect them and obey them. But as this serpent slavery is so treacherous that it will abuse liberty every chance it has, it must be met by its own weapons. It now cries for peace, but it has not yet got its full reaction. It must have its reward, and then when it is ready to make a law that shall execute the idea or element, then they can have it, for it requires a law to make it do right.